Monday, February 04, 2013

Linh Dinh:
art is always political
Patti Smith reading Virginia Woolf
+ Woolf reading Woolf
Brian Ang & Joshua Clover
on theory, action, poetry
Lyn Hejinian:
Wild Captioning
They write a long conceptual poem
based on Christian Bök’s tweets
Close-reading aloud: Charles Alexander
India bans Pakistani diplomats
Jaipur lit fest
Malala’s progress
London bookstore firebombed
Talking with Naren Bedide about Dalit Lit
Turkey lifts ban on 23,000 books
The Woodland Pattern archive is for sale!!
Queneau by the numbers
Stephen Burt on 2 types of minimalism
CAConrad’s life manual
From Michael Gottlieb’s The Colorama
If you do a version of BART
in Australia
will the trains run backwards?
Zen catalyzed conceptual art

Rusty Morrison’s After Urgency
Remembering Anselm Hollo in the UK
An obit by Tom Raworth in The Independent
Naropa bids Anselm Hollo farewell
Hollo’s Your Friend
Hollo’s Lover Man
A hut of one’s own
Or a retreat
Eat this book!
Racist language debate in Germany
Bringing  back Manx
Ange Mlinko on Adrienne Rich:
not impressed
Hey Mr Tambourine Man
10 questions for Diane Sahms Guanieri
Sophia Stewart wins $2.5B
(not a typo)
in © case over
Terminator & Matrix franchises
Pew on libraries: Not dead yet
The one thing
Americans all value:
Robots run
world’s “most awesome” library
Mali Islamists torch historic library
Saving rare manuscripts in Timbuktu
B&N to shut 20 stores a year
for the next decade
Death spiral @ B&N?
How to prune a personal library
Randall Couch on Susan Stewart
The Poetry Project’s mentoring program
makes me wish I was a NYC resident
Talking with Jerry Rothenberg in 2001
The 2 histories of Larry Eigner
Allen Ginsberg on Louis Zukofsky
Still unpublished Kerouac projects
probably worth reading
Kerouac’s voice, Kerouac’s archive
Kerouac’s literary agent
Talking with Sheila Lanham
A poetic encounter of 2 countries
(in Spanish)
Nonsense, says Coldfront’s John Deming
BS, sez poetry
Sharon Olds wins the TS Eliot prize
Camille Dungy:
what the writer does
Grove CEO retracts snarky U Press comment
Seth Abramson’s
January book reviews
(big focus on the Ceravolo Collected)
James Joyce is a hit in China
tho some think he’s mentally ill
Maya Angelou:
Shakespeare must be a black girl
Raymond Roussel by Michel Foucault
(in French)
Richard Blanco’s inaugural flop
Did Blanco lip-synch his poem?
This is a Poem for President Drone
Historical linguistics:
‘the most advanced and demanding known human science’
The latest TextSound
Who tweets @ Knopf?
20 words we get from Shakespeare
One-man Macbeth
Moving Lance Armstrong to fiction
Being difficult
Sam Hamill:
10 years of poetic resistance
A poetry chronicle of books by
Penguin, FSG, Sarabande & Copper Canyon
Another scroll, this one de Sade’s
John Giorno: Thanks 4 Nothing
2 by Mo Yan
What is an author
if we include
Kent Johnson?
Martin Amis, unfiltered
Merwin as translator
What the digital archives tell us
The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry & Poetics
An Anthology of Chicago is underway
Salman Rushdie among the blasphemers
Rushdie cancels Calcutta visit
Rushdie blames Banerjee for cancellation
10 key lessons from high school reading
In praise of the language police
In Connecticut, Written Words
looks for a new home
The economics of genre lit
Ali Smith’s Artful criticism
For sale: Hemingway story, never written
Hillary Mantel wins the Costa
Mantel: you need to experience fat
Chick Lit impacts your body image
Shortlist for the Crashaw Prize
Tufts shortlists revealed
Charles Wright wins $150K Bollingen
Engaging Eliot
TS Eliot, employee of the month
Eliot as artist
Without Austen, no Eliot
Paul Auster’s Winter Journal
Talking with Dave Eggers
Fitzgerald’s Baltimore home for sale
(See Jim Dine’s below)
Sylvia Plath goes to NY
Designing The Bell Jar
Finding The Bell Jar funny
The Great Falls poetry scene is blossoming
Talking with Nadeem Aslam
Who is (or would be) Orwell now?
Music in literature
On being stalked
Mainstreaming Marx
Unpacking Walter Benjamin
On the virtues of pre-existing material
A trove of Blake etchings found in Manchester
The reading habits of Joe Queenan
Jailed Tibetan filmmaker gets slightly better conditions
Llewyn Davis: not quite Dave Von Ronk
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova sent to hospital
Craig Dworkin: Unheard Music
ROVA Remix Contest submissions
Glass does Disney
Kate Etchingham: Foxy Lady
Bolshoi director “calm” after acid attack
Stepanenko steps in at the Bolshoi
Filin: I will return
Filin knows attacker
Dancer flees Bolshoi after threats
Bolshoi postpones Rite of Spring
A last dance from Trisha Brown
A 98-minute “informance” by Butch Morris
(registration required)
Art vs. folk art
The first sculptures
Andy Warhol pre-pop
For Sale: Jim Dine’s house
Pearl of a girl
Hal Foster goes to MoMA
Ahn Jun goes to great heights
Ai Weiwei @ the Hirshhorn
Barry Schwabsky on hotel artists
Drawing surrealism
Does the art market need some regs?
Sniff art
The inventor of Etch-a-Sketch
has died
Picard & Gandalf in Waiting for Godot
Diderot & progressives
Interacting physically with digital tech
From academic to school teacher
(how are teachers not academics again?)
Susie Bright goes to the inauguration
Bright on the death of Aaron Swartz
2 views on liberal arts education
Paris in color circa 1900
Nonprofits suck at fundraising
(tip of the hat to the memory of Hank Rosso)