Monday, February 25, 2013

Peter O’Leary: Apocalypticism
A new poem
Jupiter Hammon
changing his mind
Curtis Faville on Joe Ceravolo
Faville on Anselm Hollo
Steve Benson:
Never Hear, Never See
JH Prynne & dialectics

The unread vs. the unreadable
Rae Armantrout:
‘as avant-garde as the Grammys’
(registration required)
Talking with Robert Sheppard
This is Yeats talking
Terry Eagleton’s
The Event of Literature
Libraries are kaput!
The Library of Babel
the limits of libraries
(in Spanish)
Self-publishing in the digital age
Book history & the poetry reading
Indie booksellers
sue Amazon & publishers
over e-book monopoly
Amazon = sweat shop?
English can make you poor
Russia adopts a “Poetry Idol” show:
Babushka Pushkin
Anne Waldman has a website
(Does this mean people
will start spelling her first name correctly?)
Sarith Peou’s Corpse Watching
MF Tolson on Alan Davies’ Raw War
Kathleen Rooney on Eileen Myles
Lesley Wheeler: Rhymes with poetess
@pentametron is counting your syllabobbles
Talking with CA Conrad
Talking with Paul Siegell
Siegell reading @ Penn Book Center
& at the late, lamented Moonstone
In Loveland, CO
Anthology Books will close
In Toronto,
Nicholas Hoare is closing
Deciphering an ancient language
in El Salvador
Will Alexander’s
Kaleidoscopic Omniscience
Kern this!
The interviews of Paul Nelson
Eileen Tabios on Ed Baker
Tabios’ The Awakening
Sherlock Holmes & the public domain
Al Filreis & PoemTalk
Ann E Michael:
aggressive introverts
Divya Victor: Subjects of Poetry
The International Poetry Center of Marseille
has a great archive of readings
& events
The autobiography of JG Ballard
Pound’s mistress,
Olga Rudge
How powerful is the web?
Readers Digest goes bankrupt
Frances de Bruit Kruk’s
Down You Go or Négation
Gardening & women in the arts
Poets on Beauty
starts with
Sachiko Murakami
What can we learn from Ariel now?
Is the new Bell Jar cover a travesty?
(registration required)
The photographs of Allen Ginsberg
& their captions
Is Louis CK our Gogol?
French publishers break with Europe,
sign with Google
Philip Rowland’s Before Music
Allusions elude
or maybe not
Worst advice ever?
Don’t use adverbs
Editing as pruning
50 sci-fi & fantasy works
every socialist should read
according to China Mieville
(but no Chip Delany??)
Jo Shapcott reads Emily Dickinson
It’s come to this:
Emily Dickinson – hot nude celebrity
Ms Dickinson composes herself
Carrie’s Story
to a post-50 Shades world
A Frosty for Robert Bly
Book covers & classics
100 “greatest” novels
100 years of Swann’s Way
Simon Armitage on the road
George Lakoff
Obama’s State of the Union message
Barak Obama:
Ishmael Reed’s advice to the GOP
To critique rap as poetry
not to mention
Lewis Carroll
Nicholson Baker on dreaming
Austen & 18th C. views
of Richard III
Elizabeth Nunez’
Prospero’s Daughter
One last book
Maurice Sendak
UK judge:
victims of
© theft
have no rights to
thieves’ profits
Not impressed
Josef Kaplan
Talking with Steven Cramer
Pedro Pieti’s Underground Poetry
Summoning John Betjeman
Auden on
Loving Berryman’s Dream Songs
Public poetry in the UK
The glories of classicism
Boston’s MLA:
in touch with the 18th Century
Speaking fees for top authors
Burroughs & Nike
Christa Wolf’s
Minima Moralia
Hilary Mantel:
Is monarchy suitable for a grown-up nation?
Mantel is “wrong” about Kate
Kate Middleton needs friends like Hilary Mantel
Joshua Cohen’s Four New Messages
Translating the ‘Rat Pack Rigoletto
Barry Schwabsky:
What was abstract art?
Early modernism at the MLA
Duchamp decamps to the Barbican
Is the Mona Lisa a copy?
Banksy art
recovered in fraud probe
Saving or selling Banksy
Man charged with stealing Dali
Home is where the art is
Roy Lichtenstein:
heresy to visionary
Portrait of Picasso
as a young man
Fred Tomaselli:
‘art world drug guy’
Stanley Marsh
child sex suits
while others call for an end
Cadillac Ranch
Defecation & death
Australian art museum
David Lynch’s favorite photographs
Marguerite & Armand
together again
Laurie Anderson
goes to the dogs
Mingus among us
Musical America’s
new artist of the month:
Dylan Mattingly
Michael Chabon:
the worlds of
Wes Anderson
What is the best
film about writing?
Kryptonite’s nothing:
Orson Scott Card’s homophobia
sink Superman?
Arts education,
having never left,
is back
Donald Richie has died
Academics in love
Troy Jollimore
on the secularism of ethics
Michael Bérubé:
unraveling the humanities
A profile of Napoleon Chagnon
conservatives are governed
by fear