Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo by Geof Huth

Robert Grenier’s
Cambridge, M’ass
Some poems by Chinua Achebe
NY Times obit for Achebe
Marjorie Perloff:
John Ashbery in the 21st Century
Homage to Tom Raworth
Hong, Marilyn Hacker, Alfred Corn et al
jump into the
Mlinko-Rich brouhaha
(subscribers only)
On the road with Erica Hunt

Opening this week:
On the Road
Kerouac to Marlon Brando:
be my Dean Moriarty
Talking with Jean-Marc Barr,
who plays Kerouac in
Big Sur
Bob Perelman:
listening to WCW
Hank Lazer on Larry Eigner
Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good
Kenneth Goldsmith:
‘artsy-fartsy poet’
transforming the discourse
is building
the CIA’s cloud
Revisiting Iraq
thru the eyes of an exiled poet
Chicago banning Persepolis?
Traumatic memory
Muriel Rukeyser’s
Spanish Civil War Poetry
A Rukeyser website & conference
Molly Weatherfield
as one with Pam Rosenthal
Iovis in Bolinas
Toni Morrison @ West Point
Straw paper is happening
Books: not dead yet!
In Cambridge, MA,
Porter Square Books
is for sale
You cannot restrict book resales
international ©
Daisy Fried’s
Kissinger at the Louvre (Three Drafts)
Poetry & sleep
A space for punctuation
Paul Siegell reading
or trying to
@ Fergie’s Pub
on St Paddy’s Day weekend
Talking with
Enrique Vila-Matas
The Christian fiction market
as a market
Philip Roth is ready for his nap
Roth’s Newark
Inscrutable Anne Carson
When the dictionary reads you
Absurdism vs. the academy
TS Eliot:
The Triumph of BS
The poet on Columbia’s
5,000 peso note
Tony Harrison’s Selected Poems
Frank Wood’s Racing the Stable Clock
Poets ranked by beard weight
Merwin wins
Zbigniew Herbert Prize
Columbian poetry goes bilingual in Bogotá
Marion Tracy’s Giant in the Doorway
Famous authors’ unpublished books
Online papers by linguist Haj Ross
E-books now count
as part of UK’s CPI
Dana Littlepage Smith’s
The Skin of Mercy
Dear Asshole:
Joyce’s postcards to his brother
Amber Dermont’s Damage Control
Vides of famous authors
includes JD Salinger, Anne Frank,
Thomas Pynchon
Douglas Adams:
still the king of
comic sci-fi
EL James to pen
how-to-write tome
Top 10 fictional
gender reassignments
Bob Grumman:
math, love & poetry
Amazon Prime buyers
purchase twice as many books
Cambridge UP suing over
photocopies in course packets
Sherwood Anderson:
Certain Things Last
A compact Coetzee’s
Childhood of Jesus
Auster & Coetzee correspond
What happens
when you let
dictate its textbooks
A second look
2nd books
The worst book cover ever
goes to a volume by
Stephen King
Robert Archambeau: The Poet Resigns
Poetry, cats & jazz
Chris Stroffolino & the piano van
Cyndi Lauper as a major composer
The autobiography of Richard Hell
Schwabsky’s Bernini
Turmoil at the de Young
An arts incubator on
Chicago’s south side
Ai Weiwei
getting into music
Could The Harlem Shake kill sampling?
Dominic Elliott,
assistant to David Hockney,
Remembering Lisa de Kooning
Cy Twombly’s estate
all tangled up in court
Berndnaut Smilde:
when art is so much smoke
All of Audubon’s watercolors
on display
When the art scene is a party scene
Talking with Colin McGinn
Zombies & consciousness
Pew Research:
State of the News Media
Drone ethics
& other oxymorons
Mali media strikes over editor’s arrest
The Unabomber as philosopher
Howard Zinn’s
mutilations of American history