Monday, March 11, 2013

VIDA count 2012:
the numbers are not getting better
Dmitri Prigov’s Little Coffins
Barrett Watten & the Gnostics in Louisville
Thomas Fink
reading my reading of
Joe Ceravolo
Spain’s great untranslated writers
Ian Keenan on Mallarmé
Talking with Molly Weatherfield
Fred Wah on the literary edge
Carol Muske-Dukes
trashes Ange Mlinko’s
reassessment of Adrienne Rich
A symposium on Muriel Rukeyser
Community in a tech center:
poetry & geeks
In the Lambda shortlists,
how come
lesbian poetry
is so much more exciting
than that of gay men?

Mikhail Shishkin
refuses to represent
Russia’s “criminal” regime
Great moments
in the history of
David Bromige’s Desire
Selling used e-books
Are print mags really dying?
A physics major on ModPo
Academic publishing is a system
that no longer serves our needs
Don Share on Yeats
paranormal poetry
video interviews
Flarf & other words I did not write
Talking with John a’Beckett
about New Europe Writers
(Polish first, then English)
Cavafy was a kind of solution
Congo literary festival
Loving Milton
Librarian sued for $4M
(not a typo)
over negative blog review
John Wieners: Chinoiserie
Salinger’s biographies
Talking with Sherman Alexie
Close-reading aloud: Laynie Browne’s Daily Sonnets
Gender differentiation in chimp language
Talking with Michael Hardt:
The production of subjectivity
Anne Michael:
looking forward to the AWP
Auden’s syllabus:
6,000 pages of reading
for a single class
Poetic tribute to Jean Grosjean
(in French)
rob mclennan on Lisa Jarnot’s Sea Lyrics
The great illusion of the Self
A century of Proust
Suzanne Steele: embedded war poet
Countee Cullen:
The Ballad of the Brown Girl
Writers’ retreats with network connections
Touring Philip Roth
using more than your right hand
John Timpane on
Frost’s Mending Wall
Talking with Pat Nolan
Talking with Jerome McGann
Some Trees on Locust Walk
Ted Berrigan’s Sonnets
are finally in French!
Spoiled MFA student
drops suit against instructor
Talking with RM Engelhardt
Ariel Djanikian’s Office of Mercy
Talking to Cid Corman
The beauty of Black Sparrow Books
Women have the language protein
Albert Mobilio
reviews 4 new books
Johanna Drucker on scholarly publishing
Getting into letterpress printing
the long way
via Kelly Writers House
Did Amazon kill the golden goose?
Living in a library
10 best UK mag covers
of past 100 years?
Best of current
online lit oddities
Feb. 25, 1956:
when Ted met Sylvia
Talking with Mary Austin Speaker
Mary Crow Dog has died
Talking with Cory Doctorow
Ed Sanders & Jack Kerouac
talk hippies
with William F Buckley, Jr.
Talking with Mark Doty
Another prize for Mantel’s mantle
When T-shirt slogans are crimes
Talking dirty with Matthew Dickman
Louise Glück’s simple speech
Sherlock Holmes & the case
of the disputed ©
Trollope & the mail
Talking with Cynthia Zarin
Shakespeare makes you smarter
The man who demolished
Shakespeare’s house
Getting literary
@ the
Philly airport
Portlandia indeed:
$35 art tax begins!
Banksy’s mural:
art market or
art racket?
So where did Banksy’s mural go?
The Armory 2013 show
How to handle art glut
$30M of Arthur Pinajian paintings
turn up in a garage
Frank Gehry
underground (literally)
in Philly
The only multi-arts festival
to feature
exclusively new work
(it sez here)
in Manchester, UK
The Bay Bridge: from drab to fab
Burning the museum in Naples
just to make your point
UK culture czar: what arts crisis?
Louise Bourgeois:
the complete books and prints
An Afghan tagger in India
Revisiting tumblr as art
Man Ray in London
George Quasha on McEvilley
Judy Chicago,
King of Hearts
Jean Paul Gaultier:
from the sidewalk to the catwalk
The canvas is the body
in Dublin
Met snaps up
Jacques-Louis David
for just $700
The impact of
corporate social media space
on art
Crochety Olek
Talking to Thom Yorke
SF Symphony authorizes strike
Getting to
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
thru John Ciardi & Charles Olson
As has Van Cliburn
The singer who fell to earth
Folkways Records’ Russian musics
(that’s plural)
Dancer & 2 others
confess to Bolshoi acid attack
this got out of
Who is Pavel Dimitrichenko?
Did this ballerina inspire the acid attack?
Why Russians take ballet seriously
Gatsby: the ballet
A blood pool
an Arthurian wasteland
The theater where
John Wilkes Booth
honed his craft
US “6 strikes” anti-© theft
campaign begins
Philly Fringe gets rebranded
Web 2.0:
the medium is still the message
Louise Erdrich
on rape on the reservation
Marshall Sahlins quits
Nat’l Academy of Sciences
Was Wittgenstein right?
Or just a complete idiot
Talking with curator Kaegan Sparks
Transparency in curatorial practice
Curating traces of
illegal immigration
Fighting to preserve
architectural heritage
of the postal service
Beyond the text:
archives in the 21st century
Archive the mess