Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Wishes on the Wish Tree

 Desiring visual texts:Maria Damon & Rachel Blau DuPlessis
in conversation
Lisa Robertson:
poetry as citizenship
Andrew Ervin:
Being part of the problem –
a response to VIDA
Talking with Eileen Myles
Reading Zong!
M NourbeSe Philip’s
unrecoverable subjects
Responding to Fred Wah
Meredith Quartermain:
The Wah in the Water
Tom Raworth on collaboration
After 30 years,
Clark Coolidge’s
epic poem
is finally
Hidden herstories: Mary Butts
Collaborative essays
West Coast language poets
Fact-Simile 8 has a great
interview with Rebecca Brown
& Chris McCreary’s
The Great American Songbook : Radio Free Disney
+ many other delights

Why do neologisms piss off the muggles?
The Collected Poems of Michael Heller
Sonnet L’Abbé on process in conceptualism
The poetry of Athena Kildegaard
Paul Muldoon at The New Yorker
Ange Mlinko
hating the flarf & conceptualism
in the new Norton Postmodern
(subscribers only)
What is African literature?
A fictional dialog
from Robert Sheppard’s
Spiritus Mundi
PoemTalk: Caroline Bergvall’s VIA
The future of sci-fi
Harry Northup:
Like a Breeze the Final Caress
Mother Forgiveness
Do students need to read On the Road?
A Jack Kerouac time machine
Old Angel Midnight
to become a film
Laynie Browne on
Habitable sentences of the poet’s novel
John Cage
interviewed by Jack Hirschman, 1963
Hirschman, the Red Poet
In praise of sentences
Samuel Beckett
reads 2 poems from
Hidden herstories: Mary Ponsot
Why is Jordan Scott?
An interview with William H Gass
The red wheel barrow
& the problem of the chickens
(Be sure to unmute)
James Joyce & Anita Loos
from Notes on Thought and Vision
Paris Review & Poetry
both make the Maggie shortlist
Jeffrey Yang: Translating the Abyss
Nicole Brossard @ Kelly Writers House
Responding to Brossard
Marie Osmond does Hugo Ball
as do
The Talking Heads
David Buuck:
Un/settling Scores: Actions for Torture Justice
France plans
to save its bookstores
The Zapatista mural @ City Lights
No More Vanessa Place
John Timpane’s obit of Hoffman
in The Inky
There was more to Walt Whitman
than a bridge
Poetry as music: a round-table
Anselm Berrigan, Phong Bui,
Kimberly Lyons, Vincent Katz
& Tim Trace Peterson
Talking with Ron Padgett
Words to
Joe Ceravolo
Padgett on Ceravolo’s
Wild Flowers Out of Gas
 Ceravolo, letter to David Shapiro
Kimberly Lyons on Joe Ceravolo
Charles North on
Spring in the World of This Poor Mutt
Jeffrey Yang on
5 lines from George Oppen
The lit world in
Jack Spicer’s translation of
Lorca’s Ode to Walt Whitman
Can MOOCs work for writing?
Looking for Byron’s lungs
Joshua Mehigan: Make Make It New New
Joseph Mills:
Sending Christmas Cards to Huck & Hamlet
And the great American novel is …
Anne Carson: fancy lining
Gore in the arts:
how much is enough?
The impact of e-books
on publisher’s bottom lines
Indie retailers & the Amazon effect
Amazon acquiring Goodreads
Adrienne Rich’s Last Poems --
the view from Prairie Schooner
Maria Semple’s
Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
The Xenotext & the gift of death
Life after Life after Life after Life
Is there a zine scene?
Dan Brown: Judo
Talking with Octavio Paz
Amy Gerstler’s word-churn
Cynthia Ozick on William H Gass
Glenn McLaughlin:
Montgomery County (PA)’s 2013 laureate
Handwritten proto-flarf
F Scott Fitzgerald
The death of Aldous Huxley
Remembering Barry Hannah
Talking with Lena Dunham of Girls
about writing & editing poetry
James Franco’s favorite one-syllable word:
Joan Mitchell: at home in poetry
Talking with Stephenie Meyer
Launching the digital public library
10 of the coolest librarians alive
Journal of Library Administration
editorial board
resigns in protest
over author’s rights
or lack thereof
The origin of ©
in sixth century Ireland
One court rules against ©
another rules for it
Talking with Russell Banks
William Dalrymple’s
Top 10 books on Afghanistan
Jill Alexander Essbaum: etiquette for poems
Publishing Willa Cather’s letters
against her wishes
Larry Goodell:
10 little poems for Anselm Hollo
Open Source Shakespeare
more Shylock
than Puck
Reginald Dwane Betts: a few don’ts
Harry Turtledove:
The Running of the Bulls
Another Caroline Kennedy poetry anthology
Michael Hoffman doesn’t talk dirty
Kate Tempest wins the Ted Hughes Prize
Michael Robbins misreads Lyn Hejinian
(registration required)
Aram Saroyan on porn
Mark Levine on Philip Levine
Bill Berkson on Douglas Dunn
Denise Scott Brown
demands her due
Paula Modersohn-Becker:
the first woman modern artist
Yale acquires the archives of
M / E / A / N / I / N / G
Photographer/designer Lissa Rivera
Tilda Swinton takes a nap
Rubens’ Man in a Korean Costume
The autobiography of Richard Hell
Paul Williams has died
Talking with Danny Boyle
Against a politics of protest
in Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest
EM Cioran’s fascism