Monday, April 22, 2013

CA Conrad:
I loved Earth years ago
Sherman Alexie’s
top 10 Native American poets
Maria Shriver
on the origins of VIDA
Boston bookstores
react to bombings
Dan Chiasson
finds a poem for Boston
Piers Plowman
aka bpNichol: a preliminary biography
by Frank Davey
Sina Queyras
walks the tightrope
Google search trends:
poetry, hybrid poetry, flarf
& conceptual poetry
Talking with John Tranter
‘the most important
magazine of innovative poetry
in the country
to operate without
a Web presence’
Marjorie Perloff:
Why the slightest loss of attention
leads to death
Daisy Fried on Anne Carson
Margaret Christakos on Anne Carson
Is Poetry racist?
Academy of American Poets’
Flarf fest @ Lincoln Center
Patti Smith gives advice
The first US book is up for sale
Digging up Neruda
Neruda comes to the USA
The poetry vending machine
Christian Bök on Jupiter 88
The Rosenbach is talking merger
with the Philadelphia Free Library
ALA prez to Scott Turow:
librarians are so
not killing authors
Simon & Shoestore to offer e-book lending
via NYC libraries
Talking with Reagan Arthur,
the new publisher @ Little, Brown
Stately, plump Irish coin gets it wrong!
Christian Wiman, in the midst of change
Amelia Bentley’s A Lily Alone
Al Filreis’ introduction to Charles Bernstein
James Herbert has died
rob mclennan,
Ottawa’s prolific literary treasure
The realism of HP Lovecraft
Linh Dinh:
Postcard from the End of America
Bob Grumman
The Last VISPO Anthology
Talking with Lynn Xu
Frank Bidart: 2 poems
They don’t care who wins the Pulitzer
for fiction,
just so long as somebody does
Sharon Olds wins the Pulitzer for poetry
yes there is fiction
Talking with Olds
Brian Teare: Sore Eros
New work by Teare in The Offending Adam
Ron Slate on Teare
Remembering Daniel Hoffman
Talking with Elizabeth Cantwell
Nights I Let the Tiger Get You
Sexy letters betwixt the Dostoevskys
Blood & tragedy:
the Caucasus in the literary imagination
Talking with Clive James
James’ Dante
Simone White & Alli Warren read
@ Small Press Traffic
The life & work of Paul Petrie
David Biespiel,
reveling in the Mlinko-PoMo kerfuffle
The zine scene in Chicago
The novelists of 1993 had it easy
Topping library censorship lists this year:
Fifty Shades & Captain Underpants
Jorie Graham’s Caravaggio
Deborah Copaken Kogan:
My so-called ‘Post-Feminist’ life
in arts and letters
John Borling’s
poems from the Hanoi Hilton
What rhymes with poetry month?
Ange Mlinko, Michael Lista & Gwyneth Lewis
on Carmine Starmino, Glyn Maxwell & Mary Ruefle
Finding your voice
wherever you may have lost it
Neil Gaiman:
“At the end of the doodlage”
Gaiman @ London Book Fair:
Try everything
Poetry & video games:
talking with
BJ Best
Keeping books until they disintegrate
& then keeping them even longer
New work from Kathryn Cowles
Kay Ryan on the utility of poetry
William Logan on Carol Ann Duffy
Louise Glück wins the LA Times Book Prize
E-books = 22.5% of all publishing revenue
E-books that tell the teacher
what you’ve really read
Digesting Saul Bellow’s Heart
The Griffin Poetry Prize shortlists
Poem Charlotte Bronte wrote @ 13
sells for $47K per inch
Hilary Mantel & Zadie Smith
head up
the list for the Women’s Fiction Prize
Jean Thompson’s The Humanity Project
2013 Newman Prize:
videos of
Yang Mu getting the prize
Peter McDonald’s The Overcoat
K Silem Mohammad: the poet’s ear
(1) (2)
Waiting for Murakami
John le Carré has not mellowed
A le Carré starter kit
Not your grandmother’s Hamlet
Dan Brown is giving clues
Advice from William Logan
Back in the USSR, boys:
How the Beatles destroyed communism
Bi Kidude has died
As has Daniel Reich
The slow language of sculpture,
the fast language of words
A context for Claes Oldenburg
A petition asking MoMA
to spare
American Folk Art Museum building
Ai Weiwei: putting the state on trial
International stakes
NYC art raid
What is the real story behind
Flea Market Renoir?
Is the Indianapolis Museum of Art in jeopardy?
£50M Picasso leaving UK for Qatar
The photography of Thurston Hopkins
Demolishing a Frank Lloyd Wright building in NYC
& nobody complains?
Time to reckon with architectural sexism
Denise Scott Brown
The lineup at Cannes
32 pages of critical response to
Spring Breakers
What the brain can tell us about art
Slavoj Žižek:
Looking for a Thatcher of the left
Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin,
Tito & Freud
all lived in Vienna
Some colleges are struggling
to stay afloat
Bryan College student
wins journalism award
story school tried to spike
Chester Co., PA, is so retro
we’re getting a
new record store
The globalization of coffee