Friday, April 12, 2013

Nance Van Winckel:
Camille Guthrie:
Why I am not a nature poet
Paul Hoover
on the PBS Newshour
Talking with Dorothea Lasky
Introducing Adeena Karasick
Harry Northup on Ann Stanford
4 by Joseph Massey

John Tranter in Philadelphia
NY Times’ belated
Daniel Hoffman obit
A photo & poem of Hoffman
from Tom Devaney
Talking with Eric Selland
Poetry will not apologize

Neruda rises from the grave
Disturbing Neruda’s rest
National Poetry Month
Public Service Overview
Jane Joritz-Nakagawa:
from Sequentia
on unstable identities
Andrew Peart:
conceptualism as academic management
Buffalo poetics
Death of another  bookstore,
this time in Kinderhook, NY
Waterstone prepares
for the all-digital future
Worldreader app
is reaching 500,000 new readers
each month
Understanding & not understanding
Frank O’Hara
From Alexander Vvedensky’s
God May Be Around
Anselm Berrigan’s Primitive State
On the other hand
The apotheosis of
David Foster Wallace
Joyelle McSweeney
Catherine Mavrikakis
New poems from Kit Robinson
2 poems by Merrill Gilfillan
Bill Mayer:
Jack Gilbert
David Pavelich on Antennae
Judge rules
reselling MP3s is theft
In Lawrence, KS
Burroughs, Acker, Corso
Talking with John Giorno
Martha Ronk’s
When a Photograph Arrives by Mail
Pamela Paul replaces Sam Tanenhaus
@ NY Times Book Review
Talking with Robert Silvers
of the NYRB
Elizabeth Hardwick:
The Decline of Book Reviewing
Jake Adam York
Folger librarian
heads to Austin
The collect poem
Winston Churchill
Vote for
Poetry’s mobile app
for a Webby
Jill McCorkle
& the ‘Brady Bunch’ dog thing
Ashbery sends the Whitman Prize
to a Brooklyn poet
The King James Bible
as an influence
on the language
Patrick Morrisey on Karin Lessing
Talking with CD Wright
Poetry matters
sez NPR NewsPoet
Tracy K Smith
Talking with Rob Halpern
Arthur Sze wins the Jackson
Talking with Neal Stephenson
Neuroscience in fiction
Jesse Seldess:
from The Offers
Who is served
by a literary prize?
Paths to haiku
Kent Johnson on Marjorie Perloff
Paperbacks still matter
Talking with Matthew Savoca
Tablets overtake e-readers
10 ways self-publishing
has changed
the world of books
25 things you need to know
Self-publishing vs. censorship
B&N restarts its self-publishing venture
Nook Press
Smashwords goes global
2 poems from Frank Bidart
Hark! It’s Carl Rakosi in the park
Talking with Isabel Allende
Why Nabokov matters
Slang is not code
San Francisco slang
Joyce Carol Oates
at her Gothic best
Talking with Brian Teare
John Beer on William Fuller
Talking with Chris Martin
2 poems by Beverly Dahlen
Amy King’s String Theory
Talking with Lev Grossman
Talking with Ken Wissoker of Duke U Press
Deaf culture
& the future of American Sign Language
Apple censors gay sex
in adult comic
Michael Chasar’s Creeley tattoo
& a Vonnegut tattoo with a story
Daniel Silliman
After 3 decades,
an e-book for
Sandra Cisneros
Vanessa Place
Joey Yearous-Algozin
The IMPAC Dublin shortlist
Michael Robbins
loads up on snark for Anne Carson
2 poems by Carson
Krapp Interviews the Glass Technician
The poetry of women’s work
Art policy research is expensive
Microscopic increases for NEA & NEH
in Obama budget
Last in per capita arts spending,
California proposes to increase
arts budget to 75 times
the current $1M
Should the Tate
have removed
Graham Ovenden’s prints
Michael Haffka’s
portraits of poets
Ed Ruscha’s photography
The cursed Picasso
Schwabsky’s Bernini
(subscribers only)
Who owns the flea-market Renoir?
Lauder’s cubism collection
goes to the
(note the Salinger-Vivekenanda
collection at end of last link)
What a $1.1B donation
means to the Met
Talking with Al Moran
MoMA to raze
American Folk Art Museum building
Artist busted
instagramming street art
Kircher’s cosmos
Holland Cotter on Jay DeFeo
The photography of William Eggleston
Manhattan show
for students who lost work
in fire at the Pratt
Frank Gehry’s war on paper
Paolo Soleri has died
Simulcasting Manet
Where are the women
in new music?
Hugh McCracken has died
Philip Glass: Man in the middle
Alarm Will Sound
@ Carnegie Hall
A NY Times appreciation
Roger Ebert
Plus AO Scott on Ebert
Guardian obit of Ebert
Successful films Ebert didn’t like
Ebert’s last review
Ebert’s 15 most memorable reviews
When Ebert won
the New Yorker
cartoon caption contest
Ebert on politics
When Ebert scolded Bob Dole
Ebert’s genius
Coworkers remember Ebert
Remembering Ebert
Ebert’s funeral
An imperfect Kubrik exhibition
Osipova opts for the Royal Ballet
Tsiskaridze sues the Bolshoi
Because well-behaved women
seldom make history
The enigma of the celebrity philosopher
Slobbering over Slavoj
Slaughtered by Sloterdijk
Derrida: The Excluded Favorite
A new Lacan entry
in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
& on
Continental Feminism
The ironic success
experimental philosophy
Bumblebees use logic
Annie Finch:
How pagans do it
Can you patent math?
MOOC this!