Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recently Received

Books (Poetry)
Author Not the Point, Poetry is Like Golf We Each Play for Our Own Reasons and Sometimes Tiger Woods Appears, Mission Cleaners, San Francisco, no date listed (but certainly 2013), this book comes mostly without text but containing excerpts from the other two Mission Cleaner books on this list.
Ammiel Alcalay, From the Warring Factions, introduction by Diane di Prima, with a conversation with Benjamin Hollander, edited with an afterword by Fred Dewey, re:public / UpSet Press, Los Angeles / New York, 2012
Will Alexander, Kaleidoscope Omniscience, edited by Daniel Stanforth, Skylight Press, Cheltenham, UK, 2013
Pierre Alferi, Night and Day, translated by Kate Lermitte Campbell, La Presse, Iowa City & Paris, 2012
Charles Bernstein, Recalculating, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2013
Clark Coolidge, A Book Beginning What and Ending Away, with essays by Tom Orange and Kit Robinson, Fence Books, Albany, NY, 2012
Mark Cunningham, Helicotremors, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, 2012
Alan Davies, ODES & fragments, ellipsis press, Jackson Heights, NY, 2013
Robert Elstein, Helen Arms, Green Zone Editions, location not listed (but Brooklyn), 2013
John Godfrey, Tiny Gold Dress, Lunar Chandelier Press, Brooklyn, 2012
Kenneth Goldsmith, Seven American Deaths and Disasters, powerHouse Books, Brooklyn, 2013
Jane Gregory, My Enemies, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2012
Alfred Starr Hamilton, A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2012
Nathan Hoks, The Narrow Circle, Penguin, NYC, 2013
Lisa Jarnot, Joie de Vivre: Selected Poems 1992-2012, City Lights, San Francisco, 2013
Burt Kimmelman, Gradually the World: New and Selected Poems, 1982 – 2013, BlazeVOX Press, Buffalo, 2013
Joel Lewis, North River Rundown, Accent Editions, Chester, NY, 2012
Kimberly Lyons, Rouge, Instance Press, Berkeley, Boulder & Brooklyn, 2012

Adrian Matejka, The Big Smoke, Penguin, NYC, 2013
WS Merwin, Collected Poems, Library of America (boxed, two volumes), edited by JD McClatchy, New York, 2013
Drew Milne, equipollence, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2012
Vsevolod Nekrasov, I Live I See, translated by Ainsley Morse & Bela Shayevich, introduction by Mikhail Sukhotin, afterword by Gerald Janecek, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2013
bpNichol, a book of variations: love – zygal – art facts, edited by Stephen Voyce, Coach House Books, Toronto, 2013
Frank O’Hara, Poems Retrieved, City Lights / Grey Fox, San Francisco, 2013
Laurie Price, Radio at Night: Recent & Selected Work, Lunar Chandelier Press, Brooklyn, 2012
Raphael Rubinstein & Trevor Winkfield, The Cry of Unbalance, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2012
Logan Ryan Smith, Bug House, Mission Cleaners, San Francisco, 2013
Brian Kim Stefans, Viva Miscegenation”: New Poetry, Make Now Press, Rutherford / Anandale / NYC / Providence / Philadelphia / Querétero / Mexico City / LA / Paris, 2013
Tony Trehy, The End of Poetry: Other Possible Trehys from Leibniz, Metasenta Publications, Melbourne, 2012
Della Watson & Jessica Wickens, Everything Reused in the Sea: The Crow and Benjamin Letters, Mission Cleaners, San Francisco, 2013

Books (Other)
Ammiel Alcalay, A Little History, edited with a preface by Fred Dewey, re:public / UpSet Press, Los Angeles / New York, 2012
Tao Lin, Taipei, Vintage Contemporaries Original, New York, 2013
Heriberto Yépez, The Empire of Neomemory, translated by Jen Hofer, Christian Nagler & Brian Whitener, Chain Links, Philadelphia / Oakland, 2013

Other Media & Formats
Bill Deemer, Epigrams, no publisher listed, no location listed (but probably Portland, OR), no date listed. Single sheet of 8.5-by-11 papers, blue, with 9 two-line poems.
Noah Eli Gordon, Yar’s Revenge, Fact-Simile, Philadelphia, 2013. The latest in Fact-Simile’s monthly series of poetry trading cards.