Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top row, left to right: Raad Ahmad, Mesbah Alam Arghya, Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Subhro Bandopadhyay;
bottom row, left to right: Sukanta Ghosh, Aryanil Mukherjee, Sabyasachi Sanyal, the logo of the Circumcontentive Poets.
Adaptations in Bengali poetry
June issue of Poetry
will focus on Afghan women
Bones Will Crow:
contemporary Burmese poets
Talking with Erin Belieu about VIDA
Salt Publishing:
poetry books are no longer viable
Support CJ Martin’s mother
recovering from
tornado injuries
& the death of loved ones
Why the witch-hunt
Gertrude Stein?
From Rachel Levitsky’s
The Story of My Accident is Ours
Sueyeun Juliette Lee on Levitsky
Among Friends:
Engendering the Social Site of Poetry
A profile of Bella Li
Clint Burnham on Laura Elrick
Rochelle Owens’ Hermaphropoetics
A profile of Erín Moure
Frank O’Hara & John Ashbery on
Erje Ayden
Ayden on James Cagney
A Guide to Poetics Journal
Keston Sutherland:
Theses on Antisubjectivist Dogma
Frank Davey on Charles Bernstein
Bob Perelman: Canonicity

A teaser for Thomas Pynchon’s next novel
Phoenix, Witherspoon, Del Toro, Penn
set to appear in
Inherent Vice
John Yau on Johannes Göransson
A profile of Shuntaro Tanikawa
Shuntaro’s poems
in a wide range of realizations
including microscope slides
Aldon Nielsen:
K Silem Mohammad:
Toward a Poetics of the Phatic
part 1) (part 2)
Alan Davies on conceptual poetics
Poetic justice for a plagiarist
The difficulty of (reading) difficult writing
Barrett Watten:
shopping in Bay Area bookstores
City Lights is turning 60!
An elegy for Gloucester
As has Dotty Fowler
Spells by Annie Finch
Thousands turn out
Chinua Achebe’s funeral
Wole Soyinka:
Achebe winning Nobel would be ‘obscene’
Talking with Fady Joudah
Howard Goldblatt:
Translating Mo Yan
A short story you can lick
Lisa Gorton’s Hotel Hyperion
A profile of Monica Aasprong
Maggie Nelson:
books on color
Geek of the week:
Paul Siegell
Remembering Lenny Michaels
An LA Times obit of Taylor Mead
Sending haiku to Mars
Allen Ginsberg’s celestial homework
How Objectivism got its spots
A terrific poem from Joel Sloman
(subscribers only)
Words & windows:
a KickStarter campaign
Bob Arnold:
He Had 7 or 8 Horses
State Dept official
responds to ‘lynching’
with poetry
Camus in Algeria
When Adrienne Rich said No
The poems of Paul Verlaine
Recent trends in Quietism in the UK
Anne Carson’s Song of Your Pluck
Local poets
help us see our world
Obama DOJ
accuses reporter of crimes
for acts of journalism
What’s in Auden’s “lost” journal
Books found on the stoops of Brooklyn
Beckett in a hurry:
Lisa Dwan sets a new record
Scoping out
the usual suspects for the Nobel
(Hint: no one mentioned in this article will win)
A profile of Robert Perišić
Kwame Dawes in the Wall Street Journal
North American English Dialects
based on pronunciation
Poetry, Twitter
Parks and Recreation
How much for a Harry Potter book?
Zoe Whittall: Unequal to Me
An Indiegogo campaign
buy a book store
E-book sales rise 43%
& that’s a slowdown
Canadian e-book sales
plateau at 15%
Online book sales
are set to pass brick-and-mortar stores
Putting e-books on paper for South Africans
Court questions class action standing
of © suit against Google e-books
Service provider liability
for © infringement
in China
David Pogue on the E-book piracy debate
Stephen King delays e-book in favor of print
Steve Jobs orchestrated
the e-book price-fixing scheme
50-years’ worth of library fines
add up for
our lad Keef
A new bookstore for Raleigh, NC
& another for Bryn Mawr, PA
opens stores in old
Borders’ Michigan locations
Amazon launches fan fiction program
The publishing industry’s secret sauce:
Q&A with Nada Gordon
A profile of Bakhyt Kenzjejev
5 poems by Sommer Browning
First 46 pages of
Frank O’Hara’s Poems Retrieved
include Bill Berkson’s introduction
Charles Olson & the century
Lisa Robertson on Dionne Brand
A profile of Michelle Cahill
Barry Schwabsky
on 7 recent books
8 poet profiles
from the early days of Jacket
Talking with Karen Lillis
On Governor’s Island,
the writing is on the wall
The origins of ‘hot dog
Margo Berdeshevsky:
May Day in Paris
In vs. and
in stock phrases
From Lisa Jarnot’s Joie de Vivre
Muriel Rukeyser’s Savage Coast
Literature & the neurohumanities
A profile of Merlinda Bobis
The novels of Young-Ha Kim
Talking with Henry Green
Chinese professor
fined for ad hominem poetry argument
The best way to teach languages
A course on phonetics
Texas German is dying out
The ten ‘coolest’ languages
Is English conquering France?
7 ‘most annoying’ teenage sounds
The pronunciation of GIF
How pop cult terms go ‘official’
20 books for language lovers
The Norton PoMo edits reality
Ken Babstock on Glyn Maxwell
Babstock on Helen Humphreys
Salinger – the movie
Colbert’s Gatsby
Marketing Gatsby for the 1%
The fine art of trashing a classic
Who advertises on Google
& how much are words worth?
Rob Winger on Al Purdy
bad for doors, good for poetry
Man Booker finalists speak
Ray Bradbury:
allow the subconscious time to think
Camille Paglia:
scholars in bondage
Natasha Trethewey:
Find the poem that speaks to you
Brad Cran:
The Death of Ronald Reagan
Vernon Frazer:
Throttle Incursion
James Longenbach’s
The Virtues of Poetry
David Seymour:
With Love, Jan
Harry E Northup:
Make a Poem
When did poetry become so nice?
Why young adult lit matters
A profile of Dana Levin
Dan Brown’s Inferno
Manila is unhappy with Dan Brown
Why Dante matters
Don’t make fun of Dan Brown
Why crime fiction writers feel bad
freelancers get paid for writing
Yoko Ono:
Infinite Universe at Dawn
Yoko Ono @ 80
Barry Schwabsky:
coal + train = Coltrane?
Waltzing in Quicksand:
Poets in Collage
Descartes before the horse
Cave paintings found in Mexico
Jane Freilicher @ Tibor de Nagy
(as seen from Seattle)
Artist and mother
Annie Leibovitz
receives the Asturias Prize
Banksy’s ad for Coke
Talking with Peter Acheson
Madonna’s Leger
sells for $7.2M
NADA’s new look
Plein Air arts come to Wayne, PA
Anselm Kiefer’s alternate history
Not getting the new Stedelijk
Dear Mr Warhol
The art of the hand-drawn map
Frieze: art on an island
Ivan Brunetti’s Aesthetics
David Hockney
on the death of
Dominic Elliott
The photographer Wayne Miller has died
John Yau on Don Voisine
From Lynch to the Lynchian
The paintings of
Wile E Coyote
Film marketing is not efficient
First review of
James Franco’s
As I Lay Dying
You’re the director
& it’s mom’s book you’re directing
& mom is
Judy Blume
Ai Weiwei: Dumbass
Joseph Beuys playing rock star
The Nazi ties of Joseph Beuys
BBC obit for Ray Manzarek
Sound American:
The Philadelphia Issue
Joshua Clover on Taylor Swift
Talking with Patti Smith
The songs of IBM
Mismarketing new music
Rite’s riots, 100 years later
An LA Times obit of
Dean Drummond
Ira B Arnstein:
music’s original © troll
Preserving Merce Cunningham
Deflating the duck
Words on meat
In the crosshairs
of the
NY Times © police
The Dalai Lama
as a man of the right