Monday, June 17, 2013

Life in Taksim Square
One writer freed,
others in jeopardy in Turkey
Soluble Personhood:
on (and in)
Julian Assange, Leslie Scalapino
& Lucas De Lima
Talking with Rae Armantrout
Michael Redhill on Margaret Avison
25 things to know
sexism & misogyny
in writing & publishing
Dedicating Huffstickler Green
The oldest book in the USA

Philip Pullman:
pay the author for
digital library loans
The library at Gitmo
Frank O’Hara’s Poems Retrieved
Jane Austen,
the queen of modern slang
On writing: Anita Dolman
This is just to say
WCW’s poem
has become a Twitter meme
Alice Kober & Linear B
On writing: Amanda Earl
Todd Swift on Charles Bernstein
On writing: rob mclennan
A last interview with
the late Iain Banks
Bloomsday & the gloves of love
Yet another poetry volume
focusing on Billy the Kid
The staggering poetic voice of
Ed Lahey
The graphic fiction of
Virginia Woolf & Quentin Bell
Can Third World war tales
be marketed as American love stories?
Natasha Trethewey
to be reappointed as PLOTUS
Talking with Trethewey
Columbian poet
to sell testicles for $20K
to fund trip to Europe
15 questions for Larry Sawyer
Getting to know Neil Gaiman
Gaiman to take
social media sabbatical
Complete this
Neil Gaiman story
Sons of the poets:
Hartley Coleridge
(part 1) (part 2)
B&N bungles Nooks Snap rollout
BookScout, the app
Apple exec
defends e-book pricing
@ trial
Self-published texts
account for 12% of e-book sales
Starting an indie bookshop
The only
Spanish-speaking used bookstore
in NYC
(where 2M people speak Spanish)
New CIA deputy director
used to own Baltimore bookstore
Another bookstore in La Jolla
with some CIA heritage
Russia to spend $100M
to help rescue book industry
The print shop
where obsolete tech
will never die
Kafka @ the NSA
Chinese classics in English
From zero to well-read
in 100 books
(including The Da Vinci Code & 50 Shades of Grey)
DC writers’ homes:
203 writers, 228 homes, 1 city
Michael Boughn on Ray Bradbury
A William Logan poetry chronicle
is a thing to behold
Kerouac tours in Lowell
The genetic edition of
Ashbery’s Skaters
Odessa: city of writerly love
Joyland is boy land
A Guardian obit of Yoram Kaniuk
Remembering Kaniuk
Locating queer lit, then & now
Hidden vispo gems
in a donation in Bury, Lancashire
Frank Wilson on Gerald Stern
2 books by James Salter
Want to learn to think?
Read fiction!
Jill Magi:
from Labor
Talking with Magi
John Horne Burns,
the great gay novelist you’ve never read
How to read a novelist:
Jeffrey Eugenides
Talking with Charles Baxter
Dumbing down
what kids read
Auden’s juicy diary appears
& just as quickly goes away
Report from the West Chester Conference
Who fucked Desdemona?
Lanny Quarles on Manfred Mohr
& then a lot more
Why we sign
emails with Thank You
Agee, before he was famous
UK art groups warned
they face a total loss of funding
but get away with 8% cuts
The book art of Karen Green
Susan Bee: Criss Cross
an art project for the Met
Censorship is wrecking
Australian art
A photo gallery of Oakland
(my maternal grandmother was born
directly across the street
from that last locale, 1897)
Thomas Nozkowski
&/or Philip Guston
James Turrell @ LACMA
Knitting a sweater for
the Andy Warhol bridge
Art Basel opens
in a time of turbulence
The recent work of Mark Greenwold
Ai Weiwei
contains multitudes
or vice versa
George Lucas
pitches museum in SF’s Presidio
to house his collection
Talking with Julie Heffernan
It’s a compliment to deface the queen
Art work bombs in Iowa City
How diverse is the Venice Biennale?
Shock of the View:
the tour of the SS Hangover
in Venice
$$ talks in Venice
The Russian pavilion
Into the pixel
The carvings of Susan Hagen
Remembering Dash Snow
from the Egyptians to Flux Factory
Who killed Kodak?
Identity & repair
Google’s salute
Maurice Sendak
David Mamet:
six flops in a row
the end of Hollywood
is near
Ellen Moody:
which film adaptations work?
Pussy Riot: the documentary
Restoring Cherubini’s opera
Suit seeks to strip
Happy Birthday
of its ©
Performing ‘in the zone
Peter Martins:
30 years @ the NYC Ballet
Keith Roberts becomes ballet master
@ American Ballet Theater
Talking with Irina Kolpakova
What does it mean to be
China literate?
Architectural mimicry in contemporary China
MOOCs & the future of humanities
Turmoil over reportedly fudged PhD
swamps the
American Academy
of Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Solnit:
The art of not knowing where you are
Derrida’s puppet
The teeny tiny galaxy of Segue 2
Time is real it says here