Monday, June 03, 2013

Welcome to Taksim Square, Istanbul
John Pluecker on Heriberto Yépez
Clare Pollard on
Salt Publishing & the health of poetry
Neil Astley blames
Judge orders hunt
for Neruda’s killer
New details on the
death of
Roque Dalton
Ghassan Zaqtan barred
from attending Griffin Prize ceremony
A six-episode documentary series
tracking the “underground”
from Beat thru Punk
now available on YouTube
Will Lydia Davis write for Twitter?
3-minute stories
Reading Erica Baum’s Study
The woman who solved the riddle
Linear B
Farouk Mustafa has died
Barbara Baracks, reading
Remembering Samuel Menashe
Talking (sort of)
with book designer
Peter Mendelsund
Crowd-sourcing the classics:
the covers of iconic books
Would you join
a private library
High school students
Canadian writers
John Yau on Matias Viegener
Form is never more
than an extension of content:
Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Larry Fagin
Anne Waldman:
Uh-Oh Plutonium!
Frank O’Hara’s Poems Retrieved
The 1857 edition of
Fleurs du mal
The the
has become a cult
Guy Kawasaki
on the self-publishing revolution
Beginning with Beckett
(from the very first Evergreen Review)
One title, 2 books
Robert Archambeau on CS Giscombe
NYC as an MFA-factory town
6 poems by Eamon Grennan
The 2013 Buffalo
Small Press Book Fair
Virginia Woolf:
how to read a book
Word-of-mouth sells
BEA’s “big” books
Kenny G:
Print out the internet
Returning the knocker
to the
Bloom family door
Eudora Welty’s
short story on the death
of Medgar Evers:
an early draft
Gary Snyder:
Poem ending with a line from Lenin
One-day wonders
on e-book bestseller list
Book ads in the NY Review of Books
Donald Justice’s Collected Poems
NBCC names first book award
for John Leonard
The fear of change
is afoot @ the TLS
Zoë Heller’s pan of Joseph Anton
Whither the hatchet job?
Michael Robbins
on Paige Ackerson-Kiely
In Germany,
Amazon workers again go on strike
10 obsolete words
that never
should have gone out of style
Frank Deford
Ernest Lawrence Thayer
& the most famous poem of all
The literary tatts
of Team Book-Riot
Seamus goes to Rome
‘the laureate of the root vegetable’
Auggie goes to Phi Beta Kappa
The 2013 E-Poetry
coming to London
Haiku from the NY Times
Stanley Fish:
Selling my library
Linda Russ Spaar
on second books
Seth Abramson
gets his May
poetry chronicle into Huffpost
just in time for June
An index of
little magazine indices
Prospecting for antedates
Detroit contemplates
selling off art
to pay down city’s debt
Donald Judd’s
Spring Street home
becomes a museum
Ai Weiwei depicts his prison
his mother comes to look
Does China own the future of art?
Jane Freilicher @ Tibor de Nagy
Focusing on the Jess-Duncan Circle
at the Crocker Museum
in Sacramento
A video tour
of the Venice Biennale
The work of art
in the age of
replicable JPEGs
Peter Schjeldahl:
The seething hell
John Yau on Philip Taaffe
Wyeth country
Banksy’s mural auctioned in London
What you learn
The old new abstraction
A book on Picasso
only Picasso could afford
Who owns the rights
Warhol’s banana?
GT Pellizzi’s The Red & The Black
10 artists who destroyed their own work
Lou Reed gets a new liver
Pussy Riot member ends hunger strike
Dutoit on Dutilleux
Steven Soderbergh’s
exit interview
from cinema
Gatsby & reality
Lolita in Japan
Django rechained in China
Talking with Viggo Mortensen
Grammar Nazis @ the movies
Stella Adler’s notes
on Tennessee Williams
Happy 100th, Rite of Spring
Did Rite really spark a riot?
World’s oldest complete Torah
found in
Numbers for humanists
MOOCs & disabilities
A day for Donald Davidson
Protesting Judith Butler
Recovering Paul Goodman