Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Roberto Bolaño bike helmet
2666: the film
Jordan Davis on Lucille Clifton
Kenny Goldsmith’s ‘atrocity exhibition’
Talking with Amy King
Steve Benson:
Only So Much
Peter Riley on the NY School
5 poems by Miguel Hernández
The dreams of Italo Calvino
Cara Benson & Pattie McCarthy:
the social impact of innovative writing
& pedagogy

Talking with Joan Margarit
John Ashbery:
Self-Portrait in Google Glass
Aram Saroyan:
reading with Rod McKuen
Talking with Daisy Fried
Workshopping Ulysses
Jaap Blonk being Jaap Blonk
Fred Wah:
Laureate this!
Trethewey’s back,
hoping that people will notice
& a dyslexic author
wins the
Carnegie Medal
Lay vs. lie
vs. the future of English
Talking with Randall Couch
And here also
Juliana Spahr on Prism
(in 2001!)
Even the quietists aren’t quiet enough
Mark Edmundson
Julie Cohen:
A response to Mark Edmundson
Likewise from Seth Abramson
Carpe diem, but gently
The “unbearable” Sylvia Plath
Dorothea Lasky’s Thunderbird
Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here
Tea with Red Pine
A campaign
to bring
American poetry
into German
The literature of
police t-shirts
I don’t write enough because …
Whither Walden?
Seth Abramson’s June review
of poetry books
Nicole Peyrafitte sings Frank O’Hara
Talking with Mary Jo Bang
Aspiring to be Walt Whitman
More fighting over Anne Frank
Civility & sex talk
Mary Ruefle’s Selected Poems
A profile of Daniel Bănulescu
Talking with Stephen Burt
Ilya Kutik:
Excerpts of Parshchikov
(in Russian)
Shakespeare in Chicago
does it direct
Talking with Suzannah Showler
To a Mouse
Talking with Margaret Atwood
City Lights celebrates 60 years
Reading the Voynich manuscript
18th century views of language
OED adds tweet & e-book
Does Apple stand a chance
against the DOJ
over e-book pricing?
Apple throws publishers
under the bus
Saving the Comanche language
Dry tweets @ the Getty Research Center
Neil Gaiman
reading from
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Best beautiful  young reader of poetry
Did Blake plagiarize Nancy Willard?
Claudia Emerson moves to VCU
Re-illustrating classic texts
Magic in Oakland
Gary Soto:
What poets are like
Spilling your guts for a poem
Talking with Rachel Kushner
Write the Great American Novel
in 10 stereotyped steps
Nation shocked to learn
Dan Brown
has bland taste in books
When Dan Brown
came to class
Self-publishing phenom
Amanda Hocking

makes $2M publishing deal
part 1) (part 2)
University presses are under pressure
Publishers report e-book disputes with Apple
A performance piece
becomes a
revolutionary act
in Turkey
Ai Weiwei:
privacy & incarceration
Berlin’s most upsetting monument
Riots @ Art Basel?
Le Corbusier comes to MoMA
Top 10 art docs
available on Netflix Instant
When this you see,
Susan Bee
John Yau:
Laurel Nakadate meets her relatives
Playboy’s neon bunny
in Marfa, Texas
What is a Warhol?
Munch museum approved for Oslo
Shot artist may not paint again
Mice prefer Kandinsky
Talking with Kymia Nawabi
about winning Work of Art
18 months later
Basquiat: the musical
Gay as blackface
Soderbergh’s Liberace biopic
Tackling film taboos with
Crispin Hellion Glover
Professional acting
is about comedy,
David Byrne’s bad advice
Why pop musicians
are not nice people
The singing nun of Kathmandu
The first book of fashion
Bill Nye, science warrior
A view of the net
from 1981
Applause is a social contagion
Why we fear MOOCs
Cary Nelson:
Being a professor
will no longer be a viable career
The decline & fall of
the English
The curriculum of the stacks
An oral history of robot wars
An internship in journalism
The coming Death of Venice
Portraits from the Titanic?
Nope, photos of
abandoned schools in Philadelphia
Weed laws only exist to lock up black people