Friday, July 05, 2013

Talking with Rodrigo Toscano
Some new work by Toscano
CS Giscombe: Mutating Texts
Alice Munro stops writing
Talking with Khadijah Queen
Tenney Nathanson: Heir Apparent

Remembering that curious critique
isn’t new for
Ange Mlinko:
Jack Spicer as “romantic visionary”
Michael Robbins
on the Hoover PoMo
is itself a laugh-fest
Cole Swensen:
poetics & a poem
Burt Kimmelman’s
Gradually the World
Close-reading aloud:
Aaron Shurin, Charles Bernstein & John Tranter
Ray DiPalma
George Stanley’s After Desire
Zukofsky’s After I’s
One year of verse @ Poets House
Think like a poet,
work like a bookkeeper
The final program
from the 44th
Poetry International Festival
Ilya Kaminsky, James Byrne,
Jan Glas, Karinna Alves Gulias, Liu Waitong,
Michèle Métail, Qin Xiaoyu, & Roland Jooris
Garret Caples
calls out Kenny Goldsmith
& how we review women’s books
Jesse Ball:
A few words on works of verse
Rolf Maurer:
life as a book seller
(part 1) (part 2)
This is your brain on Jane Austen
Peter Streckfus:
The new mixed form
4 new works by Barbara Barg
The avant-garde
recovering the amateur within
Ben Mirov’s Hider Roser
Larry Eigner’s sacred materials
(& the phenomenon that is Kush)
Tao Lin
& the agony of ecstasy
Stephanie Young
rocking Kasbah of Small Press Traffic
Talking with Alice Walker
Boston’s best-kept literary secret
was always
Cid Corman
A new poem by Anne Gorrick
Anselm Hollo’s
Ancient Land Animal
Anne Carson’s Red Doc>
This year’s book cover cliché:
women with their backs turned
Google Books lawsuit
goes back to square one
Russia’s e-book market nearly doubles
in spite of ongoing piracy
Random Penguin
is a little closer to becoming real
Talking book design
Joel Friedlander
The evolution of
Elliott Bay Book Co.
B&N kills the Nook
The Taksim Square Book Club
Fleur Adcock’s Glass Wings
Poetry from Kiwao Nomura
Lee Hall chooses Briggflatts
Oodles of prizes
at the Independent Book Awards
Lindisfarne Gospels
on display in Durham
debate of where
it belongs
The new breed of
oppositional UK poetry
A memoir by Martha King
Talking with Harryette Mullen
Talking with Yves Bonnefoy
Rachel Jeantel
speaks perfect English
What literacy tests
really do
Harris Schiff:
My Prayer (Revisited)
Motion attacks road building plans
Poetry & art in San Antonio
MOOC this:
modern poetry for a physics major
A symposium on
Franco Moretti’s Distant Reading
Richard Matheson has died
for the
first time
Saving the NYPL
Hatin’ on the author of
The Marlowe Papers
Noah Eli Gordon
Singing Shakespeare’s Sonnet  53
Talking with Melanie Abrahams,
spoken word producer
Latest word on UK arts funding
is a 7% cut
Susan Bee:
‘horror vacui by way of film noir’
Emery Blagdon’s Healing Machine
Barry Schwabsky on Mary Cassatt
John Yau on Patrick Jones
Enrique Chagoya in Berkeley
The Gallery of Object Lessons Past
(check out Nietzsche’s typewriter)
Ai Weiwei:
the vision of an artist on the edge of
being disappeared
The cultural context of Arnold Mesches
The Sahmat Collective:
art & activism in India
(in Chicago!)
Say Yes to selfies
How does one make
image of revolution?
Before there was PhotoShop
Neil Gaiman’s favorite painting
is Richard Dadd’s
The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke
Gaiman’s Sandman prequel
debuts in time for Halloween
Top 10 graphic novels ever
Helmut Newton @ the LA Annenberg
World Without Men
Bert Stern has died
Blurring boundaries:
the photography of
Thomas Ruff
Man attacks Constable painting
Menstrual blood art
is not a big deal
The next gen of big-ticket art stars?
Philly arts administrators
are heading out of town
US blocks
sale of a Picasso
Talking with Greg Rucka
Cinema: the enslaved genre
Joshua Clover on surveillance pop
Marilyn Crispell
on collaborating with poets
Talking with Pussy Riot
Lou Reed:
Praise Yeezus
Acts of journalism
& the espionage act
Rebecca Solnit:
How to act like a billionaire
McKenzie Wark on The Bourgeois
A symposium on drone warfare
Type fonts the NSA can’t read
2 views of Svalbard:
Russian & Norwegian
Calling Ezra Pound:
the Winklevoss twins
are touting a
stateless currency
Human head transplants
are becoming feasible
Bifurcated Girls, 1903:
“Gay Girls in Trousers”
LeVar Burton:
how not to be shot by police
Opt out of the PRISM spy programs
There is more to  Big Bridge 17
than I could ever link to here