Monday, July 29, 2013

Talking with Rachel Levitsky
Amy King:
poetry and death
Xi Murong:
poets & poetry never die
Talking with Harryette Mullen
Struggling over Mayakovsky’s heritage
Kerouac as the American Proust
Mill of Particulars:
Robert Kelly starts a blog

Talking with Anne Shaw
Talking with Charles Bernstein
Calvin Bedient
Against Conceptualism

Yedda Morrison’s Darkness
& conceptual poetry
The secret kabbalism of Kenny Goldsmith
Susan M Schultz:
Conceptualism as affect
Marjorie Perloff:
Towards a Conceptual Lyric
Henry Gould contra conceptualism
Kenny G
printing out the internet
Kent Johnson on ‘safe’ conceptualisms
Yoko Ono’s Acorns
Eric Baus:
Granular Vocabularies --
poetics & recorded sound
Charles Olson:
In Cold Hell, In Thicket
(still the best use of the line since WW2)
Samuel Ace:
Obsession & Place
On being a trans poet
Amiri Baraka’s Blues People @ 50
I rejected Doris Lessing
Talking with Claire Donato
Paul Pines
as antidote to Mark Edmundson
Carol Ann Duffy:
no poem for bonnie Prince George
Alternative poems for the Little Prince
50 years of fighting
Sylvia Plath
Random Penguin CEO
is a man-on-a-mission
Jack Foley’s
history of Bay poetry
Lawren Bale has died
Laynie Browne:
An Amulet for Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Roberto Bolaño’s The Unknown University
Jonathan Galassi
remembering when FSG mattered
John Ashbery & the movies
Remembering Frank O’Hara
on the 47th anniversary of his death
Your brain on poetry:
poems, cubes &
the brain
A nude font for Walt Whitman
Drew Gardner:
I am a Beluga Whale
97 years of typewriters
The Kindergarde poets
The challenges of formatting
Microsoft Word
The first novel of sexting
published in 1880
Cochlear implants
could threaten 200+
sign languages
along with deaf culture
The Defiance of Remembering:
Art comes to the aid
Al-Mutanabbi Street
Denver’s Bookbar
Having vanquished
brick-n-mortar bookshops,
Amazon cuts discounts
Amazon’s advantage?
It can afford to lose $$
B&N is good for Amazon
Publishers have paid $166 million
in price-fixing case,
Apple might pay a half billion $$
Penguin as an indie
goes out on good numbers
An obit for the imaginary Fox Books
Classic library ads
How should bookstores
customer data?
e-book vs. p-book, which one?
That old e-book smell
Omnivore’s literary dating site
is not the AWP
Anonymity as culture
The logic of Anonymous
Sci-fi’s forte isn’t tomorrow,
but today
Reading Frost
to rookie cops
Junot Diaz is a ‘poetry genius’
Kelli Russell Agodon:
Behind my praise of other poets
Authors who’ve crossed the gender line
A poem from a Gitmo detainee
finds itself
on a
Calcutta syllabus
the first celebration of
Joyce in Nice
A first edition Ulysses
goes for €350K
Yves  Bonnefoy turns 90
& looks just like
Bilbo Baggins
Talking with Italo Calvino
The 10 best books by Calvino
What is poetic value?
Edmonton Journal does its own
gender count
David Biespiel:
poetry is a reality TV show
in s l o w  m o t i o n
Lindsay Turner on revisiting texts
Talking with Chris Kraus
Sinéad Morrissey
on the short list for the Forward Prize
Rowling’s back @ #1
Rowling Thunder
(subscribers only)
Invitation to a subheading
Talking with Joyelle McSweeney
Susan Gubar:
Living with cancer – a quilt of quietism
Talking with Ben Kafka
Danny Snelson:
archival penumbra
& academic sex abuse
A history of swearing
No June Cleavers
in this anthology on motherhood
Talking with WD Snodgrass
Talking with
Eduardo Galeano
The 10 most talked-about books of the year so far
Confronting grief on a Philippine campus
through a book of poems
Elitism counts:
the case for professional critics
Tao Lin’s Taipei
Patricia Lockwood:
Rape Joke
William T Vollmann in Afghanistan
Corporate verse in Mumbai
The Forbidden Joyce Kilmer
Ode to a Potato Bug
Scarriet close-reads Seth Abramson
Reggie Watts on metamodernism
Trying to take Abramson seriously
Abramson on
Orange is the New Black
Not the Man Booker:
no poets, no Americans, no arguing
Irish Times Poetry Now shortlist
The trouble with book lists
The top 5 LA books of poetry:
six lists
Vonnegut’s autobiography
Whitman’s grandchildren
The language of wolves
Jonathan Franzen
on the hunting of songbirds
Howard Norman’s new memoir
Stephen Burt is the new Nate Silver?
Carol Muske-Dukes
on Burt, Adrian Matejka & Christina Davis
Why poetry allegedly can’t find its audience
part one) (part two)
Tom Raworth’s response
Literary Norfolk
Missing your deadlines
In France, insulting pols
is no longer a crime
The Onion’s obit for print
Six-year embargo sought
digital dissertations
Everyday life & the memorized poem
Peter Plagens
on the question of talent
in art education
Jeffrey Deitch was doomed at LA MOCA
Who can save LA MOCA?
President of
American Academy of Arts & Sciences
resigns under phony PhD cloud
The Art Newspaper obit for Walter De Maria
Jerry Salz on some key De Maria works
Everything you wanted to know about
collecting art
Van Gogh
the suicide provoked by society
Peter Schjeldahl:
Detroit should sell off its art
The National Review,
Bill Buckley’s old journal,
Christie’s calls Detroit
Christie’s as vulture
10 painters’ lives
chronicled as
Framing art
Still needing to defend
outsider art
Street art goes meta
The Big
Orange Splot
Me & my selfie
Talking with Tamara Romo
A violinist dies
at the
Bolshoi acid attack indictment finalized
JJ Cale has died
Mahler’s love life
Pussy Riot member
denied parole
Betty Apple SoundCloud
How digital music
high-end audio
Who’s to blame for starving musicians?
A new model for publishing music
Early Joyce in song
Mannes re-invents the conservatory
Ballet is suffering
a lack of
young women dancers
The New Yorker
sees a lot of itself
Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine
Talking with Lynda Obst
John Searle on consciousness
Attack of the MOOCs
Clay Shirky:
MOOCs matter
a system study of the published literature
Udacity MOOC
flunks @ San Jose State
15 “innovations”
coming to higher ed
Mark Bauerlein:
no growth in the humanities
is too a problem
Nate Silver’s departure
from the NY Times
is another nail
in print journalism’s coffin
With respect to income mobility,
where you live matters
Spy agencies ban Lenovo
(forgetting that virtually every other PC,
tablet or smartphone
is also manufactured in China!)