Friday, June 26, 2020

Philadelphia's mayor and police commissioner concede that the 676 police riot was exactly that. One cop will be fired. 

A week late & a dollar short, as they say

There's a lot of poetential in the fact that the new police comish is named Outlaw (plus the fact that she's female & is from Oakland, a homie of sorts from my personal POV)

But Mayor Jim Kenney is an expression of a Democratic machine run by former congressman Bob Brady, who has been party chair since 1986 (!?!) & unions who have been next to the police at enforcing ethnic and racial hierarchies in Philadelphia

Remember Stuart Hall: race is the modality thru wch class is experienced

Hillary & Bill thought sending jobs overseas & turning the Democratic Party to the professional/managerial class & Wall Street wld send every working class white back to college

Trump did a good job of exposing that myth

Now the question is how to organize organic rebellion, given just how dangerous the lumpen proletariat is if/when it aligns with small business (the Trump coalition in its essence, Hitler's in 1940).

We haven't seen the last of this, nor of the counter-reactions (which are apt to be lethal).

Just as the virus ain't done with us
you can count on the police to murder more Blacks
between now & the election