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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Penn students

(also students at schools
with a reciprocal class agreement
with Penn)

There are still plenty of spots
in my poets & poetry course
meeting on Wednesdays
2 to 5
at Kelly Writers House

(130 S. 34th St, at Sansome)
has all the texts

Friday, March 06, 2009

L-R: Allen Ginsberg, Lew Welch & Robin Blaser 1963,
 probably the same day I met Dean Rusk & Adlai Stevenson
in my capacity as “lawn boy” to Rusk’s in-laws in
three weeks before the assassination of JFK
(photo courtesy

I’ve noticed of course that there are even fewer “classics,” i.e. books published before 1900, on my first list of the 20 books that caused me to fall in love with poetry than there are even of women. I wouldn’t agree with Georgie’s comment in my note stream that there was “NO ‘classic’ work” on my list save in that historic sense. You can’t tell me that Tender Buttons, The Cantos & Howl are not classics by any definition other than the “written before 1900” threshold. Actually, you can’t tell me that about a lot of the others as well – Spring & All not a classic? – but this morning I’ll just go with the three that I don’t think anyone can make a credible argument against.