Founded in 1986, GENERATOR PRESS is an alternative micropress devoted to alltypes of experimental writing. Many of our publications feature visualpoetry and language poetry.

GENERATOR magazine is an international anthology of experimental writing andvisual poetry. The magazine has appeared annually since 1986. Most issuesof this magazine present work by 30 or more experimental writers, poets,visual poets, and artists.

The Generator Press Chapbook Series, begun in 1990, presents a wide range ofcontemporary experimental visual and language poetries. To date, 17chapbooks have been published. Most chapbooks are saddle-stitched and varybetween 18 and 35 pages in length. One (Spencer Selby's Malleable Cast) is perfect bound and 80 pages.

Titles Available from GENERATOR Press:

For further information about GENERATOR Press,or to place an order, contact:

John Byrum
8139 Midland Road
Mentor, OH 44060 USA

or email:


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