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Ninth Lab Chapbooks

-- See also The Experiodd(cyber)cist

EDITOR: Jake Berry
Address: 9th St. Laboratories
P.O.Box 3112
Florence, AL 35630
Format: Paper subscriptions available - or - Electronic only

a trilogy from SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN THE UPANISHADS by Ivan Arguelles
Blinded By Night by Stefanie Kott
The Randomo Tractatus (I-X) by Matt Hill
Dave Baptiste Chirot chapbook
Chorus: The Leap by Jack Foley
Poems and Notes from Days by Hank Lazer
Excreta by Harry Polkinhorn
Milk Duds From the Homeworld by Jeffrey Little
Mandala Damages by Jim Leftwich
The San Bernardino Elegies by Neeli Cherkovski
Some Recent Thangs by Thomas Lowe Taylor
Between Pipelines by Sheila E. Murphy
Undressing God by Chris Mansel
In the Bright Bean Rain by Dan Raphael
Up In Rain by Dan Raphael

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