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EPC List of Poetry Presses

A list of innovative poetry publishers in predominantly print-based media.

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Key: = the press information is housed elsewhere on the Internet; (cite) = only directory/contents information is provided or; (full text) = full text of publications is provided. Special thanks to EPC Contributing Editor, Diane Marie Ward.

a+bend press
Afterwords Literature
Features a superb search engine to locate small press publications by several Canadian concrete and experimental poets.
Anabasis Press
Atelos Press
Avec Press
California experimental poetry press, also interested in translations of French. Has published Norma Cole, Michael Palmer and Rae Armantrout.
Avenue B Press (cite)
See also Avenue B list
Barefoot Press
South African press which distributes in Samizdat fashion free poetry pamphlets featuring the work of regional authors.
Barque Press
Barrytown, Ltd.
Bathurst Street Press
Black Sparrow Press
The Santa Rosa, CA press responsible for the beautiful Charles Bukowski monographs.
Book Unbound
Burning Deck Press (cite)
Providence, RI press edited by Keith and Rosemary Waldrop. Since 1962, press has welcomed experimental poetry and published high-quality pieces.
Caju Press
Press focuses on South Asian writers and their folk literature in translation.
Chax Press
Since 1984, publisher of fine art and trade paperback editions of innovative writing. Titles by Tom Mandel, Karen Mac Cormack, Myung Mi Kim, Hank Lazer, and many others.
City Lights
Coach House Books
Influential Canadian press publishing Canadian writers since 1965. Current offerings feature Michael Ondaatje, Gary Barwin, Stuart Ross amongst others.
Copper Canyon Press (cite)
Port Townsend, WA press specializing in multicultural and feminist poetry rather than experimental or concrete poetry.
Cyanobacteria Publications
Welcoming those who want to experiment, Cyanobacteria is lusciously innovative. Publishing Glossolalia as well as electronic chapbooks, this press is a prophet of the open-minded attitude of web publishing.
Edge Books
Editions Herisson (cite)
Editions Phi (cite)
Elemenope (cite)
What could be said of Elemenope other than they are responsible for producing the long-desired Live at the Ear - the first audio-anthology of Post-Modern Language Poetry and a necessity for anyone who longs for an understanding of modern American poetry.
Ex Nihilo Press
Exact Change
Maine publisher of language poetry.
Fingerprinting Inkoperated
Canadian haven for experimental and visual poetry including realia.
Flood Editions
Futurepoem books
Generator Press (cite)
Granary Books
Grist On-Line (New York)
Handwritten Press
Hard Press
New York press issuing innovative pieces such as poem-postcards on a regular basis from a range of poets.
The Impercipient Lecture Series (cite)
Indra's Net
Instress Saratoga, CA
California publisher has a solid catalogue of innovative poetry pieces and also produces Inscape and Windhover zines.
Jargon Society
Kelsey St. Press
Berkeley, CA press focusing on experimental women poets.
Koja Press
Leave Books (Buffalo) (cite)
See also Leave | Leave April'95 | Juliana Spahr
Light & Dust Poets
Contemporary poetry press edited by Karl Young. Site features samples of published poets -- a list which is extensive and impressive.
Lingo (West Stockbridge, MA)
Lit Press
Online guide to poetry publishers hosted by L.A. Books, the Los Angeles cooperative of publishers.
Littoral Books / Los Angeles (via L.A. Books)
Lollipop: List of Little Press Publications (UK)
Many Press
Mayapple Press
Michigan press interested in Great Lakes poets.
McPherson & Company
Founded in 1974 by Bruce McPherson, this Kingston, N.Y. press specializes in high quality editions of American fiction and non fiction works and also some Italian translations.
Meow Press
Meow Press, a small press publisher of mostly poetry chapbooks, has been in operation since 1993, and is celebrating the publication of its 50th chapbook in July 1998.
National Poetry Foundation
Orono, Me. based publishing wing of Sydney Pollet's Foundation
New Directions
Ninth Lab Chapbooks (full text)
Press edited by Jake Berry interested in language poets. Publications are available in paper or electronic format and are featured on the EPC.
O Books
Oakland, CA publisher featuring an extensive list of emerging and established poets.
Paisan Press
Pavement Saw Press
Penguin Books
Corporate publisher's site offering an impressive list of canon texts and paperbacks.
Pleasure Boat Studio
Poetry Mission
Postypographika Press
Web-publishing body exploring visual and postmodern poetry.
Potes & Poets Press
Small Elmwood, Ct. press founded in 1980 edited by Peter Ganick issuing limited editions of contemporary language and experimental poetry. Past works published from Charles Bernstein, Bruce Andrews and Leslie Scalapino.
Prest Roots Press (cite)
10 year old British small press publishing such emerging writers as Paul Green and Peter Larkin.
Primitive Publications / Washington DC (cite)
Public Works (cite)
Reality Street Editions
British publisher interested in promoting the works of recognizable U.K. poets.
Roof Books
Premier publishers of innovative North American poetry and criticism, with over 70 titles in print.In the late 1970s/early 80s, SEGUE published the poetry journal ROOF and distributed thecritical journal L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, two of the early seminal publications of the "language" poetrymovement.
Room Temperature
Second Story Books
Seeing Eye Books / Los Angeles (via L.A. Books)

Segue Books
Shuffaloff / Buffalo & Toronto (cite)
A Small Garlic Press
In Kennewick, Washington exists an exuberent modern poetry press with a peculiarly engaging name. A.S.G.P. is responsible for producing affordable chapbooks that will impress you with what the future holds for contemporary poetry.
Allen Fisher imprint also serves as distributor of selected volumes of poetry
Spectacular Books
Station Hill
Publishing a variety of modern poetry (amongst other subjects), Station Hill Press has a well organized site which features a superb catalogue befitting the quality pieces which this press produces.
Story Line Press (cite)
Oregon publisher of U.S. and U.K. poets (primarily narrative) headed by Robert McDowell and funded by the Nicholas Roerich Museum of N.Y.
Subpress Collective
Subtext (Seattle)
Sun & Moon Website
Groundbreaking California press edited by Douglas Messerli. Arguably the premier small press for language poets.
Tailspin Press (cite)
Talisman Jersey City
Tender Buttons Books (cite)
Tender Buttons Press
Press (cite)
Spirited Norman Oklahoma press directed by Susan Smith Nash.
Tinfish Press
Tuumba Press
Underwich Editions
United Artists Books
University of Alabama Modern and Contemporary Poetry Series
University of Illinois
Long-standing poetry press producing anthologies and single author works.
Viet Nam Generation, Inc. (cite)
Kali Tal's thought-provoking press devoted to the spirit of the 1960's. Catalogue of past publications is thorough, sincere and inviting.
Washington Review Online
We Press
Wellsweep Press
John Cayley's British publishing organization specializing in translations of Chinese literature.
Wesleyan University Press
Writer's Forum (UK)
Xenos Press
Site is in development
Xexoxial Endarchy
Multimedia press from Wisconsin run by the dynamic duo -- Miekal And and Liz Was. Catalogue of previous press publications is impressive and its diversity in formats in which it has published pieces is without comparison.
Ye Olde Font Shop
Located in Manchester, CT, this unique shop offers artists and poets interesting things to purchase. In addition, their website offers to "publish your poetry" on the web and supply you with love and fame and all those other goodies that we "became" poets in order to experience.
Zasterle Press

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