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Listing Created/Revised: 9/22/96

Title:  primitive publications

Editor:  Mary Hilton
Postal Address:  1706 U Street, NW, #102, Washington, DC  20009
E-mail: or
ISSN:  n/a
Frequency:  6 times a year
Sub. cost:  $4.00 for one chapbook, $20.00 for six

Ed. Stmt:  primitive publications showcases present-day writing based on
historical period, text or subject, and is dedicated to bringing historically
based text toward a greater accessability.  

Publications:  "A True Relation of the State May Last, 1616" by Mary Hilton.
Using text from John Rolfe's writings on Jamestown, this work explores the
responsibilities of settlement and the creation of a new homeland.

"The Haunted Baronet" by Mark Wallace.  Inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu's ghost
story of the same title.  According to Wallace, "The seventeen poems here are a
way of taking the vocabulary of 'The Haunted Baronet' and seeing what it says
now.'  The result is stunning, mysterious, and haunting in its own right.

"Lead, Glass and Poppy" by Kristin Prevallet.