There is no sign other
                         than the sigh of this
                         unveiled removal.
                         Given the mixed
                         abjures, the journey
                         no longer appeases.
                         No easy answer
                         abides, yet laxness
                         is taken as virtue
                         & bands of
                         discontent are
                         disconnected. One
                         aimlessly distorts
                         as play for ’plause
                         (not that silence
                         cures). Torrents
                         of overcompensation
                         showboat guest-laddered

                         In it but out of it
                         (“I need a drink”).
                         Nail down your
. Impressed into
                         service. substitution for
                         (sure pest).
                         Substitution blocked.

                         Or promise more
                         than hope could
                         hope more than
                         Angry without spears,
                         or rigged to buoy-blind try
                         against detour.

                         Bigelow or whigged out.

                         Be a blooper! (Can’t
                         get a hard-on
                         with the light

                         “It’s like having
                         our own baby. It’s
                         so cute & cuddly.
                         It’s better than
                         because we’re puppets

                         Marshalling all my resources to play the
                         role of a writer—a singular act of
                         concentration to put out all that would
                         distract me from this assignment, all
                         that would discredit my performance.


                         Falling back into
                         quasi-overt reverse
                         psychobabble, patently
                         up & off.

                         Chewing gum
                         at the same time.

                         Better to bark
                         out of fear than
                         fear to bark—




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