introduction —>
                                            a tiny pain (a minuscule doldrum) ( . . .)

That I die,  that you die,  that he dies

                      the rider superbe, the archer magnifique


1.  to see clear;  — 2.  to see clear  indeed, more clear,  less
clear; — 3.  to see very clear      (most clear, really clear,
etc . ) — the most clear,  the least clear

—I'm absolutely set on it !  —well not me

                                                                   —Yes.   —Well!   NOT


                                           —Oh not at all

no doubt, without doubt this won't be
                                                 Oh!  Oh!  I didn't take guard



   From here to tomorrow ( time)                              

                                                    I have almost hit the deadline

                                       your case will not be finished so fast

   they have said that  ( . . . )

                                       a passed moment

1. bad;           —2. also bad,  the worst or more bad,  less bad;—
3.  very bad  (really bad,  so bad,  etc.)  —the worst,  the most bad


                         did he cry?  I cried louder  (= if he cried, I cried
                         should you refuse,  I'll overrule (= in the case that
                         you refuse,  I overrule)

 eh ! :   Hey! Hey!   (or EH!  EH! )  you take it very haughtily!

             if he had reflected,
             if he had reflected, he'd've hesitated.   if he's reflective.



we all sat; one of us stood

eh! :    Hey!  Eh!   (or EH! EH! )   you're getting real haughty!
it's you who wanted  it  (more strong, more insistent than: you
wanted it)
did he cry out?
I cried louder  (= if he cried out,  I cried

Renounce (imperative) ,  I will not renounce (= if you renounce,
 —me,  I will not renounce)

1. much;                                      —2. more (greater); —3.  the most
1. well;  —2. so well, better,  less well; —3. very well (well indeed,
                                                                                                —the best

TRip,  TRespass,  TRemble

                                                             maritime, mortal, circular, etc.

                                                                               a)  to cry out, to cry

            [he cries with abandon]

                                 a) torture;  —b) pain  very alive
                                                            (=    live pain
                                                            extreme pain
                                                            dolor very bad)




                                                            the chaser kills the chased

yes,  assuredly, without doubt,
             YES truly, truly YES
                       yes, yes indeed




                                          but no, etc.
with an air, with a tone,
souciant and taciturn, she responded distractedly
:  I will go
in a wink

the tempest vanishes, and the winds are calm

at present?
from far:  "Good day!"  —How goes it? —Yes!  —No!
in these conditions

                                          the end has come ( . . . ) ; voilà
                                          in consequence of what,  in consequence
                          ONLY (= nothing other than) cries

                                                                  in the situation ( . . . )



I saw,  I sawed,
etc.  that the vessel was sunk for two days.
I saw,  I sawed, etc. ,  that the vessel will be sunk
within an hour
I saw,  I sawed,
etc. ,  that the vessel sinks quick


       no importance,  little import
                                                                 no import

no less than,  no more than,  no more

                                                 my face, as well as my soul

                      her face, as well as her heart

if he'd reflected, he'd've hesitated.  if he's reflective, he hesitates.
if he'd reflected, he hesitates.  if he's reflective, he'd've hesitated.



it is black      


                                                                  in a manner confused
                                                         and disordered


                                                                     this is so, this is good so
                                                    fast, quick, scarcely, in an instant
                                                                       for the thing concerned

                                                                                        ah!  my God!

1.  sweetly;                                    —2. oh so sweetly, more sweetly,
less sweetly;    —3.   very sweetly ( indeed sweetly,                    so
sweetly, etc.)                 —the most sweetly, the least sweetly

                       (such sweetness)

                                         quite otherwise than for her
                from others precisely as from you
that which  ( . . . ) evades indefinitely to all others than you
                                     from him to others
                           her eyes ( . . . )

                never ever, etc.

                                 in my heart.   —"I guard my heart"


by seeing: in order to have seen                        

                                                                                 ah well!

the remains of,  that which remains of,  that which there is
of, that which I have of

                              for example

1.  little                                                 —2. oh so little, less;
—3. very little (indeed little, so little, etc.)

                                    (such littleness)


                                        (  .  .  .  ) 






At the fall of the day

                    I have regret to see you in error

                                                                          I have regret

                 the hopefulness in many overcomes the dread

                                                                                   it follows



that makes us sad—>                     That saddens

                                                                  first development


                                                                        That could kill



Section 4