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June 2009

Monday, 6/1

Tuesday, 6/2

Wednesday, 6/3

Thursday, 6/4

Tony Green recording for PennSound.

12:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

RSVP required to wh@writing.upenn.edu or call 215-573-9748.

Tony Green was born in London on April 26, 1936. He received his MA in English Literature from Cambridge University, and then earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Art History from the Courtault Institute of Art and a Ph.D in Fine Arts from the University of Edinburgh. Since 1960, Green has worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Edinburgh. From 1969 to 1998, he was a Professor of Art History at the University of Auckland, New Zealand's largest and top ranked university. Green has had his poetry published in numerous print and online magazines, and has also written many essays and reviews on New Zealand art. He is the founder editor of Bulletin of New Zealand Art History and was a co-editor of Splash for two years. His published works include Londonettes and underground reading (1978), Doe Oxide and other reflections (1978), Untold angel (1979), Software (1986), No place to go (1997), and Nicolas Poussin paints the Seven Sacraments twice (2000). Green currently works as a freelance art curator and writer in New Zealand.

A recording of this event is available at PennSound.

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Dearest Hub,

The spirit of Joyce is upon us! That's right, it's that time of year again, when the litterati of Philadelphia come out of their burrows and come together in the spirit of brotherhood to... perform public readings of Ulysses. No, but really, it's super fun!! June 16th marks the international phenomenon known as Bloomsday, hosted here in Philly by the Rosenbach Museum & Library, which houses the original handwritten manuscript of Ulysses. Hundreds gather on Delancey Place for this event, which features readings from Ulysses by notable Philadelphians from the steps of the museum. An exhibition of Joyce materials is also on view inside the museum, which is open to visitors all day. Philadelphia's Bloomsday at the Rosenbach is one of the cultural highlights of the season, drawing hundreds of friends, neighbors, Joyce enthusiasts, book-lovers, and curious passersby to Delancey Place throughout the day. June 16, 2009 will mark the 17th annual Bloomsday at the Rosenbach – an event that is not to be missed! The Writers House is taking a collective field trip to the event (at 2008-2010 DeLancey Place), so if you want to show your love of the House whilst showing your love of Joyce at the same time, meet us there at 1:30pm. Edwardian dress optional.

yes I said yes I will Yes

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