June 2020

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Community Reading and Forum on Racial Justice

featuring KWH-affiliated students, faculty, and alumni

6:00 PM via YouTube

Our Community Reading and Forum on Racial Justice will feature KWH-affiliated students, faculty and alumni. Readers will include Herman Beavers, Lorene Cary (C'78, G'78), Rodney Dailey (C'20), Andrew Depass (W'23), Husnaa Hashim (C'21), Erica Hunt, Meerabelle Jesuthasan (C'19), Davy Knittle (G'25), and Kenna O'Rourke (C'15). Participants will read selections from either their own work or from the works of others, prefaced by a brief explanation of why they chose their pieces. KWH Assistant Program Coordinator Heidi Kalloo will moderate.

Tuesday, 6/16

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Thursday, 6/18

Dirk Wittenborn, author of The Stone Girl

A conversation with Al Filreis

6:00 PM via YouTube

Join us for a conversation with Dirk Wittenborn, author of The Stone Girl (W.W. Norton & Company, June 2020), an exhilarating tale of deception, power, and vengeance set against the beautiful but haunted forests of the Adirondacks. The Stone Girl is a riveting account of male violence and the bravery of the unlikely band of women who stand against it. The novel's intricate plotting and unexpected twists will keep the reader guessing until the very last page.

Dirk Wittenborn is an author, screenwriter, and producer. His credits include the films The Lucky Ones and Fierce People, based on a novel he wrote of the same name. His work on the HBO documentary Born Rich earned him an Emmy nomination in 2004. His other titles include the novel Pharmakon, and nonfiction works The Social Climber's Bible and Bongo Europa. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his family.

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