1. an uncooperative witness before congress, 1952
  2. Choice reviews this site
  3. Greenglass says he lied in Rosenberg case
  4. mental hygiene films
  5. Jack D. Foner dead at 88
  6. John Berry, blacklisted film-maker (obit)
  7. Paul Bowles (obit)
  8. James Baldwin and the FBI
  9. the photographic realism of the Farm Security Administration is compared to Soviet propaganda photos - "Propaganda, the Sly Art That Makes Opposites Look Alike" (October 1999)
  10. Abe Polonsky - obituary (October 1999)
  11. Henry Roth papers open (June 1999)
  12. Edward Dmytryk, dead (July 1999)
  13. death of Irishman who fought in Spain
  14. Review of Juneteenth (May 1999)
  15. Nixon's checkers speech
  16. radical films, radical images
  17. Kazan award
  18. Frederick Sommer
  19. Betty Friedan's "secret communist past"
  20. Kazan gets honorary Oscar
  21. William H. Whyte dies
  22. Ronald Radosh criticizes CNN's series on the cold war
  23. review of "The Haunted Wood" by Weinstein and Vissiliev
  24. Miro on Spain - review of MOMA exhibit
  25. Margaret Walker dies
  26. Woody Guthrie museum - Dec. 1998
  27. Spanish Civil War spirit lives--New York Times article, Nov. 6, 1998
  28. new research links
  29. Cold-war film site for Film & History
  30. Crucible web site designed for high school students
  31. WPA exhibit
  32. Jerre Mangione dies
  33. Hugo Gellert symposium (1998)
  34. Mickey Mantle's FBI file
  35. Philadelphia Smith Act trial
  36. James Jones site
  37. Anne Frank - 1997 Anne Frank on Broadway, per Vincent Canby, is "stuck in the 50s" (December 1997 review)
  38. Paul Robeson, centennial in 1998
  39. Marshall McLuhan, review of The Mechanical Bridge (1951)
  40. William Kunstler's legacy
  41. Freedom of Information Act sites
  42. "A New Deal for the Arts" - 1997 exhibit at the National Archives and Records Administration
  43. Frances Keene dies
  44. Clifford Odets in the 1950s (review of Odets exhibit)
  45. Spanish Civil War veterans gather for reunion
  46. Robert J. Morris obit
  47. The Graduate thirty years later
  48. Meridel LeSeuer, obituary (Nov. 1996)
  49. Mario Savio, obituary
  50. Why Lillian Hellman remains fascinating today
  51. MacGeorge Bundy remembered (September 1996)
  52. Renewed alliance of labor and academics (September 1996 article), with several references to the history of this relationship, which thrived in the 1930s and declined in the 1950s.
  53. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) is pleased to announce the continuing annual competition for the ALBA George Watt Memorial prizes for the best college student essays about the Spanish Civil War, the anti-fascist political or cultural struggles of the 1930s.
  54. Jack Finney - sci fi writer - obituary
  55. Declassified newsreels (in MPEG and .mov format) of the Nixon-Khruschev "kitchen" debate and several failed ICMB tests at the Nevada Test Site (the latter is available to the public here for the first time).
  56. American Studies Crossroads Project sponsored by the American Studies Association and Georgetown University
  57. October 1996 conference featuring veterans of the Spanish Civil War
  58. Joseph McCarthy: a multimedia site including audio files of McCarthy's speeches
  59. General hot news items


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