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Kingston University-London
[ 2013 ]

"The 'poetry' in 'E-Poetry' does not signal a genre preference but an origin. That is, making as a means of realizing art, a delight in digital literary invention..." | Judy Malloy | Photos | Programme: (Calendar / Presenters)

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Day Events: Penrhyn Road Campus (John Galsworthy Bldg Rm JG3003)
Evening Events (MO, TH): Watermans Art Centre
London Evenings: Poetry Library Southbank Centre (TU) | Tate Britain (WE)
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E-Poetry 2013 begins on Mon. 6/17 at 1 pm and will run through Thu. 6/20 at 10 pm.

A legendary international digital literature event, E-POETRY was the first festival wholly dedicated to the digital literary arts. Occurring biennially on odd numbered years since its inception, it is the longest continuously-running festival of digital literature and scholarship in the field. We convene biennially to allow projects incubation time and to allow time for reflection. We are truly international, alternating between venues on both sides of the Atlantic to avoid splitting our public. This Festival is intended as a worldwide gathering, different perspectives convening at one time. Indeed, E-POETRY is markedly different: we try to give ALL presenters the attention they deserve. There are no concurrent sessions to split audiences or keynote addresses to promote hierarchical models. We encourage participants to attend the entire festival and we try to identify a unifying venue where we can gather our collective thoughts. Our aim is for all to receive the attention they deserve, engaging in a celebratory, consistently plenary occasion. We hope to build connections that are sustainable, energizing, and that reach across disciplines. More importantly, the "poetry" in "E-Poetry" does not signal a genre preference but an ORIGIN -- MAKING as a means of realizing art, a delight in digital literary invention. Our emphasis is on the multiple literary and artistic ramifications of digital media writing and its critical reception through extending modes and practices that transcend limits of genre or specific technologies. We celebrate new voices, emergent thoughtful articulation, performance, and cultural breadth in expression. Thanks to our newly-constituted Board, the talents of our Local Convener, and most importantly -- to you -- we are looking forward to the next evolutionary stage of this carefully-curated, diverse, and constantly inspiring landmark festival, E-POETRY 2013 KINGSTON UNIVERSITY LONDON. Contact: emerginglanguagepractices [symbol] gmail [etc] .

E-POETRY [ 2013 ] is presented by the Electronic Poetry Center (, Dept. of Media Study, State University of New York, Buffalo & the kind support of the Kingston Writing School (KWS) (, the Practice Research Unit (PRU) (, the School of Performance & Screen Studies (, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), Kingston University London (, and the Watermans Art Centre (

E-Poetry Advisory Board: Yves Abrioux (France), Amaranth Borsuk (USA), David Jhave Johnston (Canada), Leonardo Flores (Puerto Rico), Claudia Kozak (Argentina), Manuel Portela (Portugal), Laura Shackelford (USA); Local Convener: María Mencía (UK); E-Poetry Director: Loss Pequeño Glazier (USA)

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