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Rodrigo Toscano
Author Page
Paolo Javier
Author Page
Tim Trace Peterson
Author Page
James Sherry
Author Page
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Author Page
E-Poetry 2013 London-Kingston
CFP: Deadline Dec. 1, 2012
Henry Hills
Making Money
2011-2012: Report to the Community
E-Poetry at the EPC
Language to Cover A Wall (DIgital Component)
Digital Component Documents
Dance Program Videos
Gallery Works
Language to Cover A Wall (UB)
General Exhibition
Mary Rising Higgins
Author Page
John Wieners
Author Page
Vanessa Place
Author Page
Brown Univ., Feb. 10–12, 2012
E-Poetry 2011
E-Poetry Festival (Archival)
E-2011 Photos (CF)
E-2011 Photos (Joerg)
Translating E-Literature
Paris conference on E-Literature (Program)
Electrifying LIterature
ELO Conference site (archival)
Joanne Kyger
Author Page
LEA Special Issue
Poetics of Resistance
Novas Poéticas de Resistência o século XXI em Portugal
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry)
Green Integer On Net
The Website for British Innovative Poetry
Charles Stein
Web Page
Stacy Doris
Author Page
Leslie Scalapino
Author Page, Updated!
PEPC Library
PDF Library
VERSE (McGann)
Anthology of Language Poetry
New World Poetics 1.1
Journal launch
Staring at Poetics
by Nico Vassilakis
Roberto Simanowski
ELO Collection
Collected earlier digital poetry works
Jean Day Author Page
New, extensive materials on author Jean Day
Napoli (Glazier)
Electronic Literature Workshop, January 20-21, 2011, Palazzo delle Arti of Naples
E-Poetry 2011 CFP
E-Poetry 2011 Call For Papers - Archival (11/01/10)
John Wieners Author Page
An extraordinary collection of John Wieners materials!
Tan Lin
Tan Lin New Page!
2000 Years of Mayan Literature
Monumental new collection by Dennis Tedlock.
Nathaniel Mackey
Nathaniel Mackey Author Page - Revised & Expanded!
Queen's Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture
Caplan NYC
"15 Days of Dance"
Cage in Buffalo
Robin Blaser
Author Page update!
Robert Grenier: Eigner Collected
(Guide to Proof Corrections and Intro)

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