Four Horsemen

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Four Horsemen

bp Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton, and Rafael Barreto-Rivera.

photo: Robert Hindley-Smith

Nada Canadada (Toronto: Griffin House, 1973)

  1. from Beast (bpNichol) (1:04): MP3
  2. Matthew's Line (3:11): MP3
  3. Allegro 108 (3:51): MP3
  4. Seasons (14:36): MP3
  5. Coffee Break (0:58): MP3
  6. Theme (9:53): MP3
  7. Monotony (1:57): MP3
  8. Michael Drayton (3:03): MP3
  9. In the Middle of a Blue Balloon (6:36): MP3

Producer - Robert Hindley-Smith
Engineer - John de Nottbeck

Live in the West (Toronto: Starborn Productions, 1977)

  1. Mayakovsky (2:50): MP3
  2. Assassin (1:27): MP3
  3. Sally Wants to Go (2:57): MP3
  4. Over-Revised (2:55): MP3
  5. Holy Thursday (2:33): MP3
  6. Matthew's Line (4:10): MP3
  7. Sonada (6:12): MP3
  8. Mischievous Eve (9:32): MP3
  9. Good-bye > Stagelost (13:11): MP3

Liner notes (via EPC)
Produced by Starborne Productions
Engineer - Robert Hindley-Smith
Assistant Engineer - Renwick Day

Two Nights, 1988 (Performed on October 9 & 10, 1987)

  1. Side A (41:12): MP3
  2. Side B (30:39): MP3

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Artistic Response:

The Four Horsemen appear by courtesy of Axis Productions, Ltd. The Four Horsemen are bp Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton, and Rafael Barreto-Rivera.

(C) 2005 Ellie Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton and Rafael Barreto-Rivera. These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the authors and their estates. Used with permission of the authors and Ellie Nichol for bp Nichol. Distributed by PennSound.