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Close Listening

Charles Bernstein, producer and host

Recordings at Clocktower Radio, the University of Pennsylvania, and in Brooklyn. All conversations with Charles Bernstein unless otherwise indicated. Produced in association with Clocktower Radio (formally WPS1.Org and Art International Radio)

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the related series of poetry radio interview and readings, hosted by Charles Bernstein:
Bruce Andrews
Paul Auster
Robert Creeley
Raymond Federman
Ben Friedlande
Madeline Gins
Loss Pequeno Glazier
Barbara Guest
Carla Harryman
Lyn Hejinian
Susan Howe,
Karen Mac Cormack
Jackason Mac Low
Steve McCaffery
Lance Olsen
Jena Osman
Ted Pierson
Jerome Rothenberg
Leslie Scalapino
Ken Sherwood
Ron Silliman
Peter Straub
Lucy Tapahanso
Dennis Tedlock
Fiona Templeton
Cecelia Vicuna
Hannah Weiner
Ben Yarmolnksy

Close Listening on PennSound Daily

Studio 111 programs (with interviews with Penn Students) are recorded at the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing. Close Listening programs are produced in cooperation with ArtRadio WPS1 (PS1/Museum of Modern Art) and recorded at the Clocktower studios in New York.

All programs are available for noncommercial and educational use, including broadcast. Contact PennSound for additional information:

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