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Praise for PennSound

"There are many, many poetry websites that host, share, invite, and collect the written text. But like Meyer Abrams argues, poems should be read aloud. [...] PennSound is a remarkable online archive of poetry readings."
--Phillip Barron

"This site makes me so happy! I thank you. My students thank you."
--James Richard Brown
Curriculum Director, Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville, South Carolina

"This is yet another really great idea coming from Penn's writing programs. I intend to make listening to these readings a part of my educational and spiritual diet."
--Evan Sarzin
attorney and jazz anthologist, and Penn alumnus '75

"You know the bulk of [the "Mississippi" project] was sewn listening to Penn Sound files. When I got home [after seeing PennSound co-directors Al Filreis and Charles Bernstein at a conference] and told Joshua [Beckman], he said Penn Sound is one of the best reasons for the internet. It's true."
--Jen Bervin

"Some years ago, browsing the web brought me to the Kelly Writers House, and from then on, I regularly attended the webcasts and even posed a question or two to the guests. When news of PennSound was posted recently, I began scouring the archives and have delighted my ears with such a rich history of readings. I attend readings because I enjoy hearing what authors and poets have to say and I further enjoy contrasting their readings of their work with my readings of their work. PennSound allows me to indulge from my home."
--Michael Stuart Garfinkle

"Thanks for the resource! They host readings from so many great writers."
--"Roboto Jones"
commenting on Metafilter after PennSound's release of the complete recordings of William Carlos Williams

"Yeah, seriously. Pennsound, Ubu, WFMU, and MetaFilter are pretty much the moral of the internet."
--Elliot Harmon
December 20, 2006

"I've said it before but I'll say it again: PennSound is one of my best friends in the whole world. Company, indeed. Thanks for everything."
--Joe Massey

"I remember, not that long ago, when poetry recordings were old LPs from library sales and homemade cassettes privately exchanged. What a wonderful gift PennSound has given the world."
--Michael Leddy
teacher and poet

"I'm what you might call a "lurker" in that I always read these Writers House emails, but have yet to attend (or participate via webcast) an event. However, I just wanted to reply and let you know that I think PennSound is one of the greatest uses for the internet yet. Please keep up the good work!"
--Aaron Hillman
Washington DC, Penn alumnus, class of '95

"A stellar project at Penn"
--Natalie Gerber
SUNY College Fredonia, from the syllabus for her course on modern American poetry, fall 2007 (see more)

"Congratulations [on the positive mention of PennSound in New York magazine]! Notice long overdue. Personally, I don't know what I'd do withOUT having the PennSound link to reach for virtually each day."
--Jerry King Musser

"Hard to believe that you exist, that you are free & downloadable!! What joy to be alive! Thank you."
--Julia Connor
Sacramento Poet Laureate

"I LOVE, I mean LOVE that Pennsound has put up all the Pound material. I have it all in bootlegs and tapes of course but it is wonderful to have it there, finally, I mean it is THE MOST OUT there of anything on that site or ubu web! EP is the best. I used to listen to those tapes over and over in my car in the late 70’s when I was a teenager. To me it was Punk. And hearing it now it brings back summer and my youth! Listening to the Spoleto recording, maybe my fav for its restrained intensity, I am taken aback just how his late syntax has totally effected me. Liz and I were listening and we could hear my poem Homer’s Anger loud and clear for instance. Amazing. And Richard’s head note makes me want to listen further."
--Peter Gizzi
poet whose own PennSound page is here