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Charles Bernstein

Launch and Signing of All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems
Zinc Bar, NY
March 28, 2010

a reading from the book by friends and poets

1. Thom Donovan: "Come Shadow Come" (0:42): MP3
2. Thom Donovan: "Kiwi Bird in a Kiwi Tree" (1:04): MP3
3. Thom Donovan: "Bricklayer's Arms" (5:06): MP3
4. Kenny Goldsmith: "Lift Off" (7:20): MP3; script for this reading.
5. Erica Hunt: "As If the Trees by Their Roots Had Hold of Us" (4:54): MP3
6. Erica Hunt: "The Influence of Kinship Patterns upon Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus" (5:43): MP3
7. Dorothea Lasky: "Of Time and The Line" (2:57): MP3
8. Dorothea Lasky: "Thank You for Saying Thank You" (2:24): MP3
9. Peter Gizzi: "Didn't We" (1:36): MP3
10. Peter Gizzi: "The Years as Swatches" (1:16): MP3
11. Tan Lin: from "The Italian Border of the Alps" (6:39): MP3
12. Elizabeth Willis: "The Voyage of Life" (3:09): MP3
13. Elizabeth Willis: "Let's Just Say" (3:18): MP3

read by Charles Bernstein:

14. "Solidarity Is the Name We Give to What We Cannot Hold" [note: first lines are cut off; poem begins "I am a ..."] (5:13): MP3
15. "Verdi and Postmodernism" (0:54): MP3
16. "This Poem Is Intentionally Left Blank" (0:55): MP3
18. from "Today's Not Opposite Day (0:55): MP3
17. "All the Whiskey in Heaven" (1:27): MP3

complete reading (59:32): MP3

photos ©2010 by Lawrence Schwartzwald. Used by permission.

Dorothea Lasky

Elizabeth Willis, Erica Hunt

Tan Lin, Peter Gizzi


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