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Robert Grenier and Stephen Ratcliffe In Conversation

Conversation of April 23, 2011 (48:00): MP3
  1. some correlations with Heidegger's Was Heisst Denken?, different interpretations of the concept/word idea (eidos), and face-to-face meeting with what presents itself as continuing 'basis' for truth (11:54): MP3
  2. the sound patterns of "CICADA CICADA CICADA CICADA" and their relations to cicada sound, color drawing poems on page as 'little bugs', and the forging of verbal 'physical analogues' to that which shows itself, in attempt to construct a 'true' name, as possible life's work (16:05): MP3
  3. reference to Charles Olson's "Dogmatic Nature of Experience," importance of listening to what's going on around one, and peculiar need to testify to/'name'/write it (5:35): MP3
  4. RG reading "I AM SAW WHET OWL HERE I AM / I AM SAW WHET OWL AM I NOT" (0:49): MP3
  5. a beginning discussion of context/structure of this poem, interrelation/harmony of colors, curious presence of an "I" as seeming speaker (the owl itself, RG ?), owl ventriloquism, something like 'spirit possession', and central significance of sound patterns in poetry binding humans with world (13:31): MP3



 I         OWL
AM      HERE
SAW I      

   I           OWL
AM     AM 
SAW I     
WHET    NOT   

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