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Race and Poetry: Integrating the Experimental

BOOG City Festival, September 21st, 2008
Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY

A panel discussion moderated and curated by Amy King

Featuring: Tisa Bryant, Jennifer Firestone, Timothy Liu, Mendi Obadike,
Meghan Punschke, Christopher Stackhouse, and Mathias Svalina

1. Amy King, Opening Remarks (3:47): MP3
2. Mathias Svalina, Opening Remarks (6:16): MP3
3. Mendi Obadike, Opening Remarks (2:38): MP3
4. Christopher Stackhouse, Opening Remarks (6:17): MP3
5. Meghan Punschke, Opening Remarks (5:22): MP3
6. Amy King, Further Remarks (4:45): MP3
7. Jennifer Firestone, Remarks (4:54): MP3
8. Timothy Liu, Remarks (5:09): MP3
9. Initial Responses to Timothy Liu (5:38): MP3
10. Tisa Byrant, Remarks (5:51): MP3
11. Question of Difference, Stackhouse and Savlina (9:34): MP3
12. Buying into White Education (7:23): MP3
13. Destabilizing Whiteness (7:54): MP3
14. Disfunctioning Color (1:00): MP3
15. Audience Questions (24:47): MP3

Complete Reading (1:39:22): MP3  

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