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PhillyTalks 6 - September 17, 1998

Introduction (5:23)
Complete Recording (42:47)

Herman Edward
Economics and Poetry Discussion (12:18)

Alan Gilbert
No Future (1:27)
Static Limits (1:09)
The People's Court (1:31)
Poem Ending With a Line by Claude McKay (1:16)
Yellow Brick Road (1:18)
Home on the Strange (1:02)
Spaghetti Lectern (2:52)
History's Purchase (0:55)
Another Love Poem (0:30)
The Institute of Further Studies (1:27)
Green Arrow (1:14)
Tears Flooding the Autumnal Fields or Songs of a Dead Dreamer (1:06)
Arms and Names and Buildings (1:36)

Rodrigo Toscano
Early Morning Prompts for Evening Takes or Roll 'Em (3:17)

The text of this program is available as PDF here.

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. (C) 1998 Herman Edward, Allan Gilbert, & Rodrigo Toscano. Distributed by PennSound.

Recording Engineer & Producer: Aaron Levy
Curator: Louis Cabri