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PhillyTalks 8 - December 10, 1998

Introduction (5:44)
Complete Discussion (1:06:07)
Complete Recording (1:08:21)

Rod Smith
Writing Through Fun With Dick and Jane (0:54)
Something that Was In PH (1:15)
Collaboration with Leanne Brown (0:42)
At Time and At (0:23)
They Beat Me Over the Head with a Turtle (0:22)
Collaboration with Marianne Shaneen (0:29)
In the Sane and In (1:08)
Fizz (0:29)
George (0:23)
Herald (0:17)
Lucifer (0:34)
Vector (0:17)
Your Footnotes Are Too Violent (0:12)
John Fitzgerald (2:45)
Ted Berrigan (0:27)
Poem Composed of AG and CB Suggested by SJ and Beginning with a Line from Duncan (0:45)
The Spider Poems (6:07)
Sonnet 7 (0:29)
Sonnet 8 (0:42)
The Love That Is Truly a Refuge for All Living Beings (1:31)
A Slate (0:31)
1-43-97 (0:52)

Bruce Andrews
Excerpts from the Millennium Project (22:17)

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These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. (C) 1998 Bruce Andrews & Rod Smith. Distributed by PennSound.

Recording Engineer & Producer: Aaron Levy
Curator: Louis Cabri