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ModPo opens on 9/8/18 (ten week free course on poetry)

Since 2012 KWH has hosted a free, open, online course on modern & contemporary U.S. poetry called "ModPo." Yes, it's free (like everything else at KWH). Yes, it's truly open to all. Some 180,000 people have participated in these past six years. The new ModPo season starts on September 8. To enroll go here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/modpo . If you have questions, contact us at modpo@writing.upenn.edu.

computer-generated books

On February 5, 2018, the people of the Kelly Writers House welcomed Nick Montfort, Allison Parish, and Rafael Pérez y Pérez who joined us to talk about computer-generated book. Using Electricity is a series of computer generated books published by Counterpath Press, meant to reward reading in conventional and unconventional ways. The series title takes a line from the computer generated poem “A House of Dust,” developed by Alison Knowles with James Tenney in 1967. This work, a FORTRAN computer program and a significant early generator of poetic text, combines different lines to produce descriptions of houses. The series is edited by Nick Montfort. The first three books in the series are The Truelist by Nick Montfort, Mexica: 20 Years—20 Stories [Mexica: 20 años—20 historias] by Rafael Pérez y Pérez, and Articulations by Allison Parrish. You can watch the video recording of this event by clicking HERE. An audio recording is HERE.


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