December 2018

Saturday, 12/1

Sunday, 12/2

Monday, 12/3


6:30 PM in the Arts Cafe

A reading of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, written by members of the Penn and Pencil club, a creative writing workshop for Penn staff from a variety of backgrounds and university departments.

Tuesday, 12/4

Wednesday, 12/5

Go Tell It on the Mountain: “Discovering What It Means to be an American"

A reading by students of Kitsi Watterson

4:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Come hear students from Kathryn Watterson’s classes: “Finding Voice: Perspectives on Race, Class & Gender” (English 145) and “Learning from James Baldwin” (English 481). Over the course of the semester, these students have examined myths and lies about race, class, gender, and sexuality embedded in our cultural experiences, as well as in systems of power and privilege. They’ve also been inspired in their own writing by the brilliant intellectual, spiritual and literary legacies of James Baldwin. Listen to these young writers speak their truths in raw and candid stories and essays: Lily Giordano, Yoonji Bridget Lee, Anika Ranginani, Lauren Tappen, Elaine Jia Yi, and Ruoyan Wang; Terri Wood Allen, Elliot Bones, Rebecca Gelfer, Rory Harte, Tanya Jain, Elizabeth Johnston, Skye Lucas, Misha McDaniel, Wesley Neal, Madison Sanders, Alexandra Schuh, and Sarah Spencer.

Witches Against Housework, or, I Really Have no Stake in This

A reading by students of Laynie Browne

6:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Please join us for a reading by students in Laynie Browne’s Advanced Poetry Workshop. Students will share poetic blueprints, instructions for dreams, prophecies, woven apple trees, collaborative performances, and musical visitations. This class has been exploring archives, architectures, text+image, polyvocal scores, somatic rituals, and more. Readers include workshop students Rodney Dailey, Navya Dasari, Omar Khoury, and Weslee Sixkiller, as well as Carlos Price-Sanchez.

Thursday, 12/6

The Art of Writing Badly

A reading by students of Kenny Goldsmith

5:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Come see how Kenneth Goldsmith’s “Exactly Wrong: The Art of Writing Badly” English 111 workshop has exploited error as a way of inspiring creative writing. Hear poetry and prose that has emerged from glitches, emojis, Twitter misspellings, SMS acronyms, and a panoply of other grammatical devices that have been long frowned upon as being “wrong.” Featuring: Zoe Braccia, Val Escudero, Arundhati Singh, Alex Poscente, Kelly Litts, David Hong, Per Loufaman, Michaela Tinkey, Alex Paul, Jesse Berliner-Sachs, Eva Schottenstein, Benner Rawley, and Canyon Kornicker.

A Night of Extreme Noticing

A reading by students of Sam Apple

7:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Come hear the students in Sam Apple's Extreme Noticing workshop share the funny, strange, subtle, and profound things they noticed during the semester. With noticing by Julia Pan, Amanda Bello, Roshan Benefo, Eloise Yang, Eric Zhang, Rachel Brodsky, Danielle Clanaman, Ana Lorenza Colagrossi, Peter Hissey, Kristy Hsi, Dana Jones, Caroline Okun, Ilyse Reisman, Nicholas Parkes, Anjana Srikumar, and Spencer Boglitz!

Friday, 12/7

Saturday, 12/8

Sunday, 12/9

Monday, 12/10

Levels of the Game: an evening of sports narratives

Students of Jamie-Lee Josselyn

7:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Join Jamie-Lee Josselyn’s English 010 students for readings of excerpts from personal essays, short stories, and journalistic profiles that center around sports. Whether writing from the perspective of a fan, an athlete, or an otherwise intrigued observer, our work explores what it is about sports that keeps us rooting.

Tuesday, 12/11

Essay, Blog, Tweet, Nonfiction now!

A reading by students of Lorene Cary

4:30 PM in the Arts Cafe

Come find out what Lorene Cary’s improvisational workshop has been up to this semester, with students reading from work that explores the personal and political lives of young people. This course was designed as a group internship in association with, a blog and social movement devoted to promoting safe havens for children and youth. Students share the results, including experiences from the powerful citywide campaign to get "Vote Virgins" to the polls at the midterm elections under the banner of “Vote That Jawn.”

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