Splintered by Peter Ganick SPLINTERED
Peter Ganick

part eighteen.

each expedient of the micro-
organism totals a synchrony
of proficient passing

it is the same poison
reflected in the mirror


leading to foment revulsion

time spun organizations all
fear, docile enticements
by the small pouch
never adapted nor spun

the fever riddled by
poetry, lets you insert
itemizations once green 
now fly-away


books sample the brown
elephant now
	   tell to fling
arousal this way or that

top-coat not loss

pyrexia of the novice
loosens understanding
where nothing saying fullness
could find inversion
or a tool’s involvement

greedy as the silence
lurking in a hologram,
3-d expulsion, no cute
lissome vineyard
a flagrant vocabulary
now tangled and
inward, name is forged

the line shape dietitian


style of reportage
pick up, check memory
small cabled stews
choice venture more
conceptual than arrivals
hold breath down

verify a real vagrant for
an approximate page count
agenda often surmised
by a total freeze
then seventy

arising in a stadium (filled
and conducive to triplicate)
that prints warning labels

urgent amniotic essay
the form and color, a
lapidary echolalia, song
shock topic prompt
visible on says no


each act of piracy

reflection didn’t haven’t

that for sure a few
minutes later the mystic
apparition selects arrows
with which...

contusion, the large star
the honed biosphere

sonic apparati
what was this budding
  used for before?
is no answer

told of the three-thousandth
in face of colorful clusters
reads of newly-wept 


err on the side office
nowhere else to think over
largess from policy
a choice goes undefined

barrage in bistro
not hello from that
  full arch,
motor fell in on honda
a limitation for phlegm
larceny, what to say

queer fringe on blouse

excelsior, all that motion
orbital émigré, letter in
code lets you arrange
fixate unlike a sestina
as gyrations explode

a podium of warm 
  wire sculpture
tedium of tipped crowd


whose electorate reads
  freely? not now nor non

either economy meaning
a trick knee propulsion

tonight provoked time and
  again the wet-suit
forced to wipe feet, still a
princess to screw over

trouble with attitudes
the version replies: is kiss
  enough for now?

lipreaders’ glossalia
ersatz blue and white
not happening, then a
  rondo, a
  space for conductors
that provided is now


a pile of magazines
on cut-down meteors
not today may choose

the viral stadium
ligeti in the box office
flunky for birdseed

toned down now primed
  to plane in recent pintos
almost any iceman
conscious of timpani

sex by the numeric quota
defines panda lineages
normality far away


should they eliminate from
consciousness the bipolar
predilection for obesity,
would coriander be first age
insolence that policy would


normal agenda by ten o’clock
as confused to exit

the only word tonight cares for is
that one handshake (aspersive of
emptiness) (stolen ego) feeding
topmost the thin rail


everybody	      everything
all stave off indirect trios’ ace

to think of resin
  the agglutinate ochre
a benchmark taste for

compared with big hair
shaft eloquence
  before organs decide
the validity friendship
a big smile

thought thrown, aware of
a punishment foregone that
  one space on-going

style and panache
regrouping stray on-going
expulsion: metal on  
  processed wood



alert		filing papers

  halter for great

whiplash creditor
  conehead virulence
however dancers spoken
early ice, flood of lust’s
  ersatz majority
fire to achieve
	their more food

ignoble clot
sits on the news
		pared overture
		down to a page


the church atom pried
from glucose serpents
found too large for greed
that redoubles redundancy

thousands of patterned
  sharks, as things go,
share eros, the closeted
  reprobate urlauf

garden variety wrought and
known from wherever
appliances remove early
debt, in cartels origins of
closed-foot alacrity
already sporadic and tonic

might not work be none
  above redundant while
wet hair collar tithe
  wide toxin licit for
premonitions’ vast orchestra


nothing, permafrost
is apparent, an oriental sofa,
carport by issue, the
frieze for temperate
agoraphobia, radioactive

etiquette: they browse
they pout and are unseen

rise of a mountain, focus
upon an offered torso
buttress arid ornate and
fit, lion body option
(venial) is would like
to that title, the
balance happening
within one choice

statement	  exeunt
viral continuity, spiral
          impervious celebrity


music of pitted grind acts on
toccatas, hibernate, s o s,
treason           open cooperate,
no excitement those ply
a cruel retinue          talk
adept collector is worker-
bee coherence
		token dime

frankly, rescue acts miles
away               the terminus
recoups gluts by attention
to defiance
	    always the un-
timely regalia, nervous
tone, cry of delirium
with wire-below tricks


other climbs suggest
themselves, the
  rage for rock, and
  the celebrity coded
  for excision

what a gutter-snipe!
almost some other orbit
  could count on
  heartlessly defined
as a closed page

listed hellcat, to scamper
floor-to-floor in non-
  attendance, homefront,
  duplex citizenry, rage for
now song and
vessel tournament

think into throats
large under loops
higher than fright
the lock-up shook-down


not to taste
eyelids farther away
  than receptacles
  would prefer

totally of two minds
to choke the zip code
  of intervention without

the most eager
can’t focus

leap over the tip of her
  snout, green
  collections savor pastimes
that elaborate upon
  grossest noise

wind-up for pictured
the music of context

an alarm with conduits
of tones and grace


the cold of sugar 
suggests itself,
versatile, noisy

an appendectomy selected
  this tide for poison

terrific spread of that un-
likely anxiety, trial of
the eleventh hour, sub-
merged voices, advice
limitless as intervention

the button for cronies
heel to buy-outs
shell trick prompts games

linseed cropped to
loudness, spoke
to someone of nothingness,
correct usage, a flirt
with the unknown, always
circulating in the blood
  of contention


secondary amateurs
betrayal, organic culture

leap to ramakrishna
the consequence envisions

that tall person
bringing australia up
home to light of
  ousted expulsion

ego ---- yoga / bhoga
inflame a broken earth
words reduce explanations
same green sweater
a chakra tingle, verse of
fire if jaundice, elector
freezer one statement

promise and meted out


lest they flee unformed
an echo tips the
twixt orbits
a face of greeters and

give way to a service light
now yoga of silence
lit hell’s trio, precinct of
visible response

here despite 
his attendance

it is important to think out
a willful error

some thousand-fold ego
supplies a material machine
when regrouped for exit


wide belief
more ink than stellar

river to fix fact
of a parvenu ocean

visitor predating 
told confused the spin-drop

moment in facing a second
run, two icons deliver

think satguru, mix with
choice and disengagement

hurries a twin orb’s trio
bricolage effectually out

weasel at ill promise
the tiger astronaut on shelf


for calming
think a recent act on sunday
wrong bed-time
there / here      her concrete
apprentice understands
the immateriality
  of non-agency

data plus effectual isolation

no term without mantras
the underlying claim is
a thought of radiant echo

one light featured in
we shower cards of fun
on visible and likely pleasure

vedic curio
the artistic glue
now mix yoga / bhoga
built into creation
to things that slide


her predilection proves
visible anonymity
recoils from voice
anyone walks about selling

trample is now over
spiritual / new age oil
  in lamps

interest varies
policy filled with sugar
thought of a total you

isolation is self-reflective
more for horrid people
though juried-in on a
  lasting effulgence

a pointless pedant
his serial deception
that one-hour exclusion


awaken sure-footed

and bet crises determine
the earth, a full ghost
hot in jury, kitchen
larceny motion now
overt, primps quasi-routed
servants, toxins unduly
versatile, when xerox-yogis
zero-in on you


surface eggshell white
now tangibly retained

	gamble apologies
	under a lark
	from heat, shot
torrents of pilfered souls

word: think gruesome spirit
  of mantra, a license to
free in space in time

exercising that service
freer as trial scope
frankly ticked-off
and sent as an invitation
for him
then up until avarice

spatial guilt
couldn’t seek a virtual
without set-down impulses
to seek a song of


just to seek consent
for riled libations
tune a donor, filiated
experient, commensurate
with firepower

uncertain quartet (code nine)
one mellow ivory
the information a false reason
pundit, guilt
heel to once the shared reality
gone accomplished, in fact
shorter, express idea, flee
a hurdle wednesday


informal emotional circus
one affable other a hug
a huge indication of
more presence to define

as non-fictive where saying
resumes the shift

very, face in the hair
strange breasts, descriptive
  opener, now desolate ink

then sacrosanct in
that eloquence impaired
by large pianos
ten hours later

the redactive, sure of some-
  thing overlooked
from event radio


if structure restricts
thoughtful consigned arcs
  to probe down

would the expansion of
fall over the agriculture
  of size?

wrapped muscle, a
hopping crowd, a teardrop on
time’s exposed usage

a created silence
twice joined and
artifact constructed
in the avoidance 
of nominal neologisms


even tactile
omni  vessel         tries
	   caught illusionary
	sneaker     snow
trickery of fomented disc

   	track-meet       stare
	collectively rehashed oil
	a corrective connection

each banter
	oil can now wait
	cloisonné triolage

erased into bias
	recognizant epilepsy
	jabs to what side


theragran       interlude
influx 		lucid
anathema	associate
both sides of
	  blot our organs’
lethargy, walker reigning
	  in upon tethers

teletext		concept
	if various coil
	deduce animism	
	mouth on choke

litigant back through
swarms of voice, think
overly testy, the blood
only in discursive stylists
teeth to supplant


over-sensitized to coordinate
terrifies anonymously

when picked up 
the esophagus
retains vitality
	        hello that
lost interceptive ideology
waited several years
till commerce could deploy
arrangements after job

	tertiary, now
	binge, toreador
	muscular symphony

	correctness aroused
	flying over the depths


what looks strained
never fails walking

street prism’s
	     cordless texture
vital to
animal trios under suspicion
  adapted to ingredients

on happiness when
janus-faced echoes
tell of legal partners
to whom world-conduction
  offers options

old chances already starved
overhand teller’s
  motive reduced to ivory

adequated to reality


taking from elsewhere
to be finalized
(indoctrinated served
elongated expressed
visited) vacuum of the
a drifter’s dinner, that
ardor of
homerun daytime secretaries

a fool forgot to bend attachment

	from conscious
	eggshell white
aversion to philosophy
frigidity as arpeggios
	that scramble
	dividers, now
	knows what else

that social scissors
called conversation


sotto voce, the known matters,
lexus, virtuous reality, dusk
breadth, thick indifference

retinue for dispersion
encyclopedic discouragement

replanted sundown, take the
carrier of lateness, a toreador’s
letter decays on a princess’

endeavor	      simulcast

	no suggestions
	not hierarchic
	nor hereaftered 
               into guilt


after the role of curio
they prepare leaves
to ride secondary articles
into overcome harmony

a bit afterward to decide

lest the crony deflates
  eyelids in front for
promises of control

one factor of too mild erasures
defines wringing hands
as the resistance to wooden

taller than the talons that
  escape from memory
always with a reason
  to demonstrate
some side of appearance
as focused upon ingestion


if it builds it will decide
what shape forgot it
as crowds of recent bell-
bottoms terrify with less
conduct, my appeal to
logical states reminds
which weren’t expendable

here till homefront
regency appalls the nuance
by elephant stamina

one aspersion redoubled
both once the stadium files by

planet day over heroic acts
the roped extra limited
pronouncing stupor
in decimated indigence

the scarlet asp
tonight always fermented
  by rescinding apples
  doorways and
top total on dual forces


one differs because
theater has effect
in this case overstated

riveted to a scream
two days later
one knows less

prefect of dulcimers, the
near that matter, no,
one scores deals however
formatted through genesis

often a planetary spy, the
removal of copious rules
told if not furthered


more words
than visible
near quarter of...

inferno if decimated
happy and for correction
maybe torn

small echoes show signs

not to replace with teeth
the arrangement
	(twixt and between)
winding a way through
  experience, alerted as
thought instigates  
  what will hear


what is sought by
  early density? on
and then on to speak

targets think of nowhere

they take care
that nothing is seen
or begun by nature

theater expects when
and if the fond glance
replaces with structure
the silent major d’omo
is still with silence at
  another place

quality organizes trust
from a hunted-down breed

lemon quilt the pressure
the lack of judgment
a partial capitulation


perhaps pungent (aromatic)
asked to be pure

telephone on side
perhaps gone fluidity
with a calm extra

just an unlimitable network
shards and extortion
spare tires and feeder-hoses
young appearance
nowhere induction


what is broken when
  blocked? not
to fix elevation at monad
resound, small
world (worth) that
  encompasses error
  for a cling

nothing started this summer
better than
fertile ascots that deport
enshrined attitudes

watched closely a rainy sky

febrile encryption
an almost illegible sympathy

interminable trickery
trumpet and alto sax
teams decry offering
whose waiting romance
is well prepared


on a falling rock
grows a mushroom
virtually isolationist
visibly attracted

attach to no other
the orbital onslaught

recalcitrant vibrations from
models over code nine

prized for recondite
the severance of donut holes

holidays change the
  rondeaux from
  irate to sedimented

in fact starving tones
convene at an ultimate
  limit of language

in thought as it is
  not spurious
of the interpretative memory

lectures and spreading
  vines (banyan)
topics that regroup upon
  just things once dislocated
inferior moments
relay sunny scalpels

visible etiology, new
  ramakrishna, to
  soak in ghosted rises,
no incoherent idiot
  from brutish offset or
klingon vituperance

a long shred:
  to eleison of mantra
senescence to repay
  at an interval
  of haste


all this, ahoy the
muckraking edifies no one

saline, didn’t openers punch
  outward holidays

each limit wide of notation
till the order stabilizes

the replacement might be
  a giantess in heat

whose hurried cold-pack
a trick collector now satisfied

no ingenue, the code
can suffice itself


trial run:
admiration depends on
as heinous as marble as
  whomever you call

guy with strange hair
woman with sushi book
carillon music deploys easily

relates elastic
not pimple on roof of mouth

salient		diverse arctic
	where it goes
	to binary decoys
is super-ultra exactness
a reminder for chokers 
  of deceit?

din apropos delivery
never the attitude of children
both funny bottom       egg


adamant sayer lastingly
traced, on for
the wife, call it code,
imprecise or nowhere

that destruction inhales
is normally recalled in peace

to expunge romeo
the dicey juliet (night-
crawler), now goofy kids
near blouses and brass
error, fido newsworthy

something special if 
a theological melanoma incurs
folios (here once
to find armatures singled out)


odd garnish
full of time
the loss often an intellectual
sequenced to a fireplug
that has dogged the aircraft

world sentiment
(if, now, and why?)
welching on reported effect

devices create foreign
seize the beautiful, adrift
in copious luxury

freak skywriter
took the bait of what is
  thought about
therein spontaneity recognizes
  inputs that scald

once flagged down to
  an earth series


ex-tent tickets
for rambunctious admiration

a night off-sequence
all purchasers ahoy gargoyle
oil paintings, the
bestial   	never seeks
trig (prick of the nettle) as
inflamed sermon

at talk in bedded hurry
possible naive testament
the refraction always here

influxes of pomegranate
mood		(hands off the
		crate, next to
a solemn variety), commence
a topic, strays by the mortar
of inflection’s concept

think to transcend a new ladder
the sky-schemes restraint
of ear on is once closer

advaita mantra, the
scene after escape


who could eye-ball
a declassified magnet

easy together, aim of the
rule they skip

patter on a free drama
how aesthetic impositions
never tire of philosophy

the heart under the

receivers of pardons, at a
beach in the south, what
you like
	those caught up
   	to bridges as
regulation expects no tyrant


cling to the story of
condiments / entrees /
  fixated bravura always

later socialites impose
naive tokens of memory

an idiot-mojo of style
as attitude, a sick ego
covets alignment to smiles’
  remembrance of 
  critical causation

inkspot		hasty ink
		soup con
(will text?)
	that inquiry
            	timeless without
           	consideration of
	if anything sticks


predatory insolence
traded wide, ahead
of mute sixteen, learning
lust and the insincere
souciance of control

not years away
at motion’s escape
sat halfway routed
and not practical for
corrected idiom,
eyelash terminator

bic lighter, mister
experience trio hale and
heartless, the season
adroit from clear
substitution, driveway


even-handed redoublings
remain closeted in skill

skeleton’s agency
	reflex coterie

fixated bell sample, back
room anarchy, trivially
experienced lotto gains

lateral smile ready, too-
erogenous an ellipse
		code none
for the artificial
somebody’ll prime the
	  they fly through 
                    outer venues


risen to expertise
when some heal the fused
replaced with
  largest arteries

excoriated, prys open
the flounce, cantilevered
idiots, all hunger for
promised either wet the
napkin, scolding tortoises
when passé elephants cloy

none impressed less than
the referent of attrition

world pouch, veterinary

immodest import
  abandon ship! tolls
  from exchange
eros as red line attenuates


packet already open, time
spent along the river,
is versatility from
an aardvark to a zero (if
captive) ineffective on

this neighbor
aligns within tolerance
for potent embrace

a humid artisan notated
by hundreds that escape,
peasant error
	     the force of time
	     on radiant

persons that imply music
front door to front door
less more is more less


scansion            abysmal
a bus on the chip
labels learn listening

some as many
	         no new ice
collapses in piracy, index
a product one really likes

so they can tell
any other prediction

the licorice of abandonment
tore through soft walls
each expression
heightened by solitude

the apex of mystery
hassles no other agenda

soft talk will become
  this paradise


move the product
make an effort
seize a timed horse

nominally and othered
influenced and retraced

what is called memory
is the aversion to altitude

oscar from vitex, hello
to pay silence from one
totally disguised
entertainment in much
alert, next
icon votary stamina, no
guiness hamstrung a feud

tirade now spatial when
explicated as wet willie,
none the orthogonal, told
to vary thought as form,
verify the unwanted ellipse’s
hot immunity from cloaked
code nine



across the unversed
what heals in occupation
a bad diet, lightheaded
for surface theory, art
on the frozen tundra

expanses defy service
trained to chat, hepatitis
fell starter, pardoned
by a concerted prison, the
contact sheepishly honed to
the horror, convenience
as if worth it

		lenses on flutes,
qualities for
  written music
		bandaged eyes
cut-throat sensitivity to
  crossword non-agency

every exploration belittles
the original experience of
name and form which
ever comes first


the old vision of
all that trying, all
the tickets timed
for unrelated good will

what word’s disuse
inflates discourse
to something it isn’t

spread from east
  to west, the
artificial hose from
prize-winners’ distances

how incoherence carries
its suffered limit to
create, derives partitions
in fact garners tornado
change for the chalice


everybody and once
they’ve tried from cause
detains topmost dioramas
with promises of equality
nerve to never say out

incoherence (no failing 
of nerve) never crowds the bus
with hand-me-down fabrics

tell to serve as speaking out
of lenses of contrast
seemingly a lighted presence
one changeable thought for
another rhythm
can’t separate industry from ink

impartial etiquette
then a verb for liars
next outgoing flight
at thirteen-seven
is night and contrast


dire coolest ingot romeo
pure label jello juliet

consecrate abdomens
indulge atrophy
of single numbers

more to sack above ego
one large face
admission of no one
to file down the aisle

word linear 
  pilot for an echo
sleek piddle atrophy
no rationale could suit



pushing the envelope
of instances that multiply
frank talk from effects

line up at the harbor
fortune smiles to bend
  light’s aversion of

frown from ego
licentious gradients imply
  feverish holocausts

everything up to o k
has been planned by 
students of marble
  staircases whose
lenient commissariats
  prop up eros

night of flared talk
princess on hollow lives
toned up for, therefore...


a pretense for leaning upon
notoriety, anyone tossed
permission from the agreed-
upon irradiation

	left	      right
	dark compress at
	corner fellowship

incandescent organisms
under waterfallen isomers

crested bench-mark
  gone back to fool that
overtones of eliminated

alerts all over, placards
tell where citizens can
comply with getting reality
to cooperate


height’s amiable ride

pride’s larceny demanded

mid-range feuilleton

tear down hothouses

vest, leader time crash


damned if donations signal
	   of heroes, that ink
consecrates form for one house
catered to the spartans

one helper feeds context
where it can be found,
can it be found? can
irascibility erase deeds
and thoughts
while burps create a
cliffhanger, one
incorrect nature and
another uncrossed
by street and function


a lender’s pool
never ingratitude shall
crease these mollusks

stage and screen voice

think only of instrumentation

crop hollow
awash in echo, the
intelligence of amnesty
now a flood-lit entryway
  serves clients till ten


precious paranoia
a limitless infinity
  reduced to praxis
formed by linen minus

each extraneous dilemma
costs none else
than the one-armed bandit

three fixations cast
  aspersions on behavior
insight replaces walking
footfall’s ironic dumpster
foundling essence
the live crown now here

tasty echo, tenacious space
  for chocolate in a pail

chocoholic vendetta as
awareness talks adversity
to scribe natural ice

lest icarus bleeds from
there issues of wednesdays
on a mixture

correct bagged to unfurl
new data, the
consequent as face
to skim prostheses
when a wall’s courtesy
samples merchandise
now changing


little wanderers
flee the process
writing for lost moments

terror and messengers of
  promised beauty
talk proust and the
how faces revert to silence
how chambers of a nautilus
  inform formal codes
how cameos charge to
  fill drama with workers

illegitimate sofa
one parody senses
consenting to grist
endgames voices the couch
privacy’s inductee of gloom

starters by this
before and after
standing on a foot
created by whom?


gestures instigate anger
switch-blade, oozy
necks and arms
hoovered by rising star
noise fully accoutered
in a reasonable advice

instructed to compare
skill, nervous linen
skips holograms across
  one brain
facetious f-.-. as a melody

terra firma is wherever
a style adapts to
  a torn escape


twin agents
of secret governments
populate the christening
  of mantra

optional music reduced
where vineland-hari-om
  predators mulch
even a holiday surface
  claims dependency

how it falls down
averts the bottom
and eventually triumphs
in memory to find
this architecture in a goal

energetic, not cramped or
steady hand, word of mouth


people radiate the
  essence wide of market

car retainers reunited
apres ski, the incom-
mensurate smile, where
the foreign decoy flies 

snarls from gate epoch
noise fully renamed
as new muscle adds
  potency to induce light

on a particular day
they can be flounced
when young and


roped into a heat
gone the welcome floor

print, halls that smile
entry operates energy

can foundations reduce
property from indexing?

which noble entourage?
small cars aid deception

mallow and fuschia
a collared duodenum
inscribes devised sand

that prompt exit
when honed wilding
becomes witnessed


generous pardons for
top-ranking criminals
in the course of a day
at condoned efforts

one’s predatory statement
ready for protégés
that remove around-the-
clock diaper-changings

when confronted wilted
retort: who precisely
was the person detained?

when contact rises from
smiles at the mirror
the first impulses demand
indoctrination stop


heaven wired to condone
  roseate samples

from consecutive array
thought is this centrality
compared to additive
offers thousand-fold
dry and wet, books now

hook the masses
then an expedient
having already told

one worthy to surmise
hidden ridicule assuaged 
that top the mantra’s desire

who precisely describes
well into the night?


turned-on ear
disappointed as yours

a song’s totality is
the mettle it calls poetry

theoretical eugenics
romance the attachment
book products heated
by early concentric aces
when animals develop pride

alarmist intrigues dice
and cube vegetables
before eyes vanish
inside her head

extra strength information


damning the image
after a commonplace
directed to farewells
timelessly addressed
to experience and let go

told in last days
of instrumental riddles
leaping at a messenger
felt as incommunicado

lifters of periodic socialites
that survive thin rules

distant bells
on a sudden riddance

whose prompting
restricts decency?
now shiftless egos
induce labor


whose pleadings go
unnoticed? the tolerant
issue functions lighter
than air-checks on
rumored sandstorms
in a cold desert air

the pilot renown for
errorless partisans
deflates hospitality
no one would, negations
predict happenings
if they are saved as is

the current meritocracy
needing heels to time
possible additions
to proud fluorescence

previous beepers
scared to direct traffic
not history or pardon
whether or not
one is described 
in fact or telling
to be at one peace
when the subject changes


secrets of trained dogs
always implied to
be acceleration in motive

shetland collapsed on lawn
the coroner decays brightly

  walk to park
  shown the door
  excel timing lotus flavor
  here in to face adrift
  in stolen aches

thrown inexact dioramas
to redouble at a control
nothing for three years
tapas / austerity / anxiety

inverse testaments diverge
  were hellcats to pay


infinite space
indefinite space
speedy dyslexia
torn, fidget
animus loquacious

health of precision
rejuvenated aporias
heed thought’s annihilation

some smooth desire  
to defend attraction
in terms of chemical
doesn’t diminish
articulated environments

the scorned effete
  limit on that argument
mellow arsenals devise
  predatory in-breedings


coin of a diverse tactic
here till nowhere else

beat down the machete
forge through western
a more delicate intention

one full partisan folly
is to erase suggestions
that tolerate run-on
got rain forever
listened to and presented

caffeine steadfast
opens thought of dissemination
to an employer’s results


adroit with the banter
off at once
  to servers’ definitions
  a martinet rehashed

traffic aspect
  for plagues that swim

egged on by day of sellout
theater of destructive
  controls, privacy, one
  less tactile venison

ersatz dilemma
new times’ reticule
fortunate as mind
to preach to scrambled bathers
on cell-wall graffiti

no arm textured by
being in a hurry to decide
fewer fusillades
  against that a conduit
  restricts tip of the bird


prevented by attitude
from the scowl that
craves fruition

he forecasted facial amnesia
more than presence
  of mind
telling scanners to flee
cold arenas no drama
was just the facts

he can see very clearly
whichever contradictory
  survival aspires to
  the melody
of an ingredient

a footloose pundit

practical use
a massive influx
already coiled to stride


cheshire cat, night of
constant persuasion, to
find a book without seeming
to be eighty-years old

survival deifies
careful attention
to details, a lightly-salted
aroma of chocolate dream

problem boyfriend with whom
she advertises total serenity

cognizant feeder clone
that serial concept
carp on the mallet

trashy arrangement
on a earthly ingenue’s


nervous, acclimated to
concept ratified by
spare dilations

when in front from spartan
  digs retain policeman

elephant doctor
a criminal defended
as previously turbinado
elf won’t surface the
  direct attitude
it relates to arcana

this apex
inverts distance
no tick for creation


saguaro cactus
on a blue table
clothed for velour
what youth invents

secretive ovations cause
form space and difference
run heel shed
trial off-hand as meritocracy

which relationship
goes down the tube?
closest to presence
unsaid fawning
from each linear pod
restricting (sublime) active
cradles (candles) bought
inward cellars

tones deprive arctic


spinal cracker
alert to simulacra
of plotting throats
less the argumentation

a voice-over
switches chancellors

thorough negation
now tamped down
in ballyhoo from fenders

ellipse (elapse)

first function scheduled
not to enjoy
 	    their ergometric
efforts scrape monads
from sightings


élan vital
	    [grade crew
	    fixed frontage

ersatz bugle bandbox
	[near appeal

scrape / scrapers
terror informs deliberations

       one soft
   agricultural ally
thread, less the bonds
 optional start newly
    arcane, lowest

     of attraction
to serve long skates
     rope snared
         by you


 	   signal     birth
on untimely        crow’s feet

      annoy	is decay of
memoranda lionhearted
dressed occasional
		for evidence
	some throwaway
and kinetic worship
   	hate mail on desk

                      risen prince
     		at prime

subscribe to discourse
	inflate terrible
to early aurora borealis


haste mackinaw
algonquin towers look
  for beauty
  in the salsa
  (unconventional, if...)

serial collection of tactics
(tic-tac breadth of care)

now suckle for unlimited
  and vanishing cover-up

retracing	    retrofit
the sandcastle has no deed
to watch it surf the season
along tidal etiquettes

this version appeals to monitors
who read headlights from
  capricious cinders


this effort inspire crowd control
alabaster marvels so held by
one cameo douses essence

by limitation
we mean surrender
when it has said: supply-
  centered nylabones
 bus introit concentrated
 on several dotted lines

adipose leg surmounts
when diseases enter
all out for the bluets

the dossier of commerce
only thingness is after
  the scapegoat
once sent in thick skin


a manageable ceiling
in decals
	servant with
	the minus
	virtuosistic, empty
     shells on astronauts, the
     shoe fits, the moon of
     destruction (sick as a
hat-check girl with 

	         ...	are what
		you’re saying?

look: lionized and
not just once
time for that one
  not for theatric walls
  to frustrate discourse
  while giving it
  the agreed-upon twitch

not role-player, north, nor
  feeder bricolage


	severe (the chaste)
	the chase often

 	suffers hand-to-
		cheer the seat


	arsenic diluted by
	correct distortions
	of one sky, celebrity
	         the identity
 	         arrives morbid

	syncope fused (all
	the reasons were
	wrong), third
	left from airhead


terrific land-shape
at ride’s kingdom

surf etiquette in
flea-bag sunny-side up

restrictive pearls
eliminate over-the-hill
road-thrill from there is
a story faceted on diamonds
of cartoon’s shell


she pours and pouts
while announcing gifts
  gestured at gingerly

longing for another placement
tongue of social idiom

felt words that start with
long virgules
suddenly accrued in spirit

the british backyard’s
  gamelan stretto, liar
  fronted the endgame
crate sellout
tom-tom foolhardiness
	plane sigh
	fall in ocean


label with body, segue
into old-mind
his word: mannered
	   crow crawl

some vindaloo curry
suffuses the entry
		all day out

the report is glitch-ridden

not yet

trivialities hone early
divergence, reflux
the mantra, the
walk of an owner
free parking


jarring thought:
a slant-eyed mimeograph
totals infinity in a cube

left cross-eyes imitations
on early planet-phobias
necklaces and pundits
erudite, salinate the lake

guardian of troubled towns
where changes move forward
equivalent to the aristocracy

the effete bourgeoisie
elementary myopia caters
  to unwilling excisions
  of planetary-phlegm


an evasive jettison
as long as seeking eludes
  tales of wipe-outs
gathered celery from bright-
  eyed ego
small sutra wrong-
  headedly asperse
irate sulking brother-
  hood took messages

gnawed fingers to the bone
while vacations grow 
upon time achieving is letter
  with qualities, limitation
  now applies to the moment
a narrow eternity


ruminate uptown on the
inquiries diverged from
  original intention
though not uncommon

lapsed time tells of
  spiritual conjunctions

cold feet, dry-mouthed,
velocity impedes accelerated
  precessions where
moodswings ache, the
  miscued trollop
  desired normalcy

clotted anchors
which is less standardized?
from a count of shared
  echo, the one
side they discourse upon
  negates epistrophy
well without


still early to flee
the renamed scholar 
could challenge replace
  vertical animalisms

neighbors each listen
  to carrot-and-stick
from persons well-
  suited to expose clerks
  that sunday can glow

a faceted rhythm
later in the density
always one on this echo
to replace is nothing
here to study
  the bartered iris on
  a cornucopia of
  sleazy ovals 
  never a diet of...


however yesterday goes
	nowhere, for
	now is time to
        speed through topics
that stretch egged-on, pried
open, covered up, left to
sigh infatuated for
  incandescence, the
meritocracy learned
  responses one could forecast

the sleepy acronym
  of otherwise
	stunt removals,
	sit there
	to witness cruelty
		and beauty
		in the same
  + + +

Splintered part 17
Splintered part 19