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PotePoetzine & PotePoetText

EDITOR: Peter Ganick
Address: 181 Edgemont Ave, Elmwood CT 06110-1005
Format: Electronic only.

For print publications see also Potes & Poets/Abacus.

POTEPOETZINE is an electronic publication of Potes & Poets Press, Inc. The editor is Peter Ganick, who likes to correspond by e-mail. Potes & Poets also publishes A.BACUS and perfectbound books. For a complete listing please send your snail-mail address to:

PotePoetzine Issues
PotePoetzineOne (1997)
CONTRIBUTORS: Andrew Levy, Dan Raphael, Karoline Wileczek, William Fuller, Craig Czury, John Kimball, and James Finnegan.
Roses / Blue by Douglas Barbour
She Called Waterfall by Thomas Taylor

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