Barry K.K. Masuda- Holoholo Style

Barry K. K. Masuda

Holoholo Style

Howzit Chuck,

Eh Chuck, da odda day one guy from San Diego wen go ask me
"any luck?" He no could understand da Penn 6.0 and da
eleven foot half-and-half. I wen go tell him Eh pal, lemme
tell you someting: da ulua no bite cuz da commercial guys
wen go surround net da whole goddam school outside Hale
Nanea. Now only get fillets down foodland and "island seared
ulua wit' tossed baby Kula greens een one mango-papaya
chutney" (or some kind Pacific Rim cuisine shit).

You take someting out, someting else come eenside-da place no
go be da same. Smoke dope behind da coas' guard boat aftah
jus' pau hook weke, all frustrated cuz nevah hook jack, live
opae mo' bettah dan california shrimp she tell you. Call your
people, brah, no joke right hea ten o'clock brah, you like see
how us take keah dakine Whale Foundation haole, you go
look undaneat' your slip at Ma'alaea-puhi and dakine kuanohu
crab grinding 'um. Your kau kau all Kula cabbage,
all canned corned beef, all Kula onions. All figuration
demarcation wit' dunking spikes in da coarse sand down
Pa'ia Bay, goddam only hippies and windsurfahs datside
already. In Kahului harbor the Love Boat exuding piss shit
champagne; your zoom lens captures the lone, wrinkled Maui
Local fisherman gesturing in a sign language you find
charmingly regional (but try look mo' hard, brah-ass' not
shaka she show you). Little bit too early befoa Pau hana time
da county guys grind ahi poke drink Bud Light talk story
under da jacaranda tree they wen' just pau trim cuz da high makamaka
local Japanee neighbor (doctah, I tink) everytime complain
da branches infiltrate his territory, and all da flowahs fall
eenside da satellite dish.

Bamboo Ridge not da only place fo' catch ulua, brah-get oddah
places too. Get Lone Kiawe, get Lone Pine, get Makena
Lighthouse, get OP10, get plenny oddah places, bu'. Da
meaning of fishing not only papio or ulua too-it's using
ha'ukeuke fo' go catch panunu uhu, den grinding da
ha'ukeuke cuz da uhu no bite cuz get couple Japanee touris'
wit' dakine hot pink snorkle splashing around. It's going
Makena side fo' go hook mu and no can find "public access"
cuz get some moa hotels wen grow ovahnight.

So lemme tell you, Chuck, I stay feeling da dialectic at da
intersection of Haleakala and Hana Highway-airport or
where? Begin graduate school on the west coast to theorize
"da local," leaving right in da middle of da bes' 'oama run in
four-five yeahs, but hard fo' get job at UH if you no leave UH,
'ah? So wen da haole ask me "why don't you jus' stop fishing
here and move somewhere else?," I tell him when all you see
is nature cyborgs hopping from Pa'ia to Wailea to Kihei to
Lahaina to Kula, stopping to dine at the Wunderbar Cafe,
Stouffer's, Tony Roma's, David Paul's, and the Kula Lodge,
you no can see how important dis "place" ees?

K-den Chuck, maybe nex' time I get some shots fo' show you.


Local fisherman
Kula, Maui, Hawai'i

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