is a journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region.

TINFISH Number 1

Joe Balaz Nupaikini
Peter Kenneally bicycle mine: one, six, seven
Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo Amnesia
John Geraets (No Time. One Way: bring on Conjurers 1 & 2)
Rob Wilson Another Tempest
Spencer Selby Coat of Mail
Yi Sha When the Train Passed the Yellow River also This Fall This Year
John Kinsella Graphing The Tremors of Narrative
Lyn Hejinian from A Border Comedy
Barry K. K. Masuda Holoholo Style
John Tranter Room With a View, Spa Bath, Many Extras
Joe Balaz Ukolehe

Contibutors' Notes

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1422A Dominis Street
Honolulu, HI 96822, USA

Correspondence may be sent to sschultz@hawaii.edu. Please do not submit poems this way, however.

We are grateful to the University of Hawaii English Department for its assistance in producing TINFISH.