Friday, September 26, 2008



Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Jay Bartell, Ever After Never Under: 20 Choruses, Little Scratch Pad, Buffalo 2008

Michael Basinski, Of Venus  93, Little Scratch Pad, Buffalo 2008

Margaret Christakos, What Stirs, Coach House Press, Toronto 2008

Kevin Davies, The Golden Age of Paraphernalia, Edge Books, Washington, DC 2008

Jeremy Dodds, Crabwise to the Hounds, Coach House Press, Toronto 2008

Jennifer Firestone, Holiday, Shearsman Books, Exeter UK

Frank Giampietro, Begin Anywhere, Alice James Books, Farmington, ME 2008

David Gitin, Rites, Anchorite Press, Albany, NY 2008

Anne Gorrick, Kyotologic, Shearsman, Exeter, UK 2008

Debora Greger, Men, Women, and Ghosts, Penguin, New York & London, 2008

Brenda Iijima, Rabbit Lesson, Fewer and Further Press, Wendell, MA 2008

Pierre Joris, Meditations on the Stations of Mansour Al-Halla, 1 – 21, Anchorite Press, Albany, NY 2007

Richard Krech, Within the Curtilage, Bottle of Smoke Press, Dover, DE 2008

Jon Leon, Hit Wave, Kitchen Press Chapbooks, New York 2008

William Logan, Strange Flesh, Penguin, New York & London 2008

Aaron Lowinger, Open Night, Transmission Press, San Francisco 2008

Jill Magi, Torchwood, Shearsman, Exeter, UK 2008

John Martone, Folding Cot, Ordinary Fool, Charleston, IL 2008

Douglas Manson, At Any Point (To Becoming Normal), Expanded Edition, Little Scratch Pad, Buffalo 2008

Sheila E. Murphy, Parsings, Arrum Press, Puhos, Finland 2008

Nicolas Pesquès, Juliology, translated by Cole Swensen. Counterpath Press, Denver 2008

M. NourbeSe Philip, Zong!, as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng, Wesleyan, Middletown, CT 2008

K. S. Rosenberg, Nous-Architecture: A Glimpse Into the Mysteries, Create Space, location or date given

Ed Sanders, Revs of the Morrow, Libellum 4, New York, 2008

Reginald Shepherd, Itinerary, Green Tower Press, Marysville, MO 2006

Nomi Stone, Strangers Notebook, TriQuarterly, Northwestern University Press, Evanston, IL 2008

Shannon Tharp, Determined by Aperture, Fewer and Further Press, Wendell, MA 2008

Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Charcoal, For Arbors, New York, Missoula & San Francisco 2008

Jean Vengua, Prau, Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco 2007

Lesley Yalen, This Elizabeth, Minus House, Denver 2008

Mark Young, Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959 – 2008, Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2008


Books (Other)

Eileen R. Tabios et al, The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys: Her Biography Through Your Poetics, BlazeVox, Buffalo 2008. Includes Juaniyo Arcellan, Andrea Baker, Anny Ballardini, Tom Beckett, Allen Bramhall, Clayton A. Couch, Thomas Fink, Jesse Glass, Laurel Johnson, Burt Kimmelman, Murat nemet-Nejat, Jonah Raskin, Barbara Jane Reyes, Ron Silliman, Jean Vengua, Alfred A. Yuson, more.

Tony Trehy, The Irony of Flatness, Bury Art Gallery, Bury, UK, 2009 (!). Catalog of show to run July to November 2009. Includes work by Robert Grenier, Rachel Goodyear, Hester Reeve, Stefan Gec, Ulrich Rückriem, Kristian Gudmundson, more.



Work, no. 7, no date listed, Oakland 2008. Includes Michael Basinski, Erika Staiti, David Buuck & Bill Luoma

Work, no. 8, no date listed, Oakland 2008. Includes Kenneth Goldsmith, Brandon Brown, Jacob Eichert, Richard Kostelanetz & Stephanie Young



Other Media & Formats

6x6, no. 16, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2008. Includes Ossian Foley, Gretchen Primack, Anthony Madrid, Amanda Deutch, John High, Heather Christle. Little mag with its upper outer corner cut off. Usually bound by a rubber band, this one has a saddle staple to keep it together as well, as well as the band.

Author uncertain (John Martone? Bob Arnold?), Chú Dár , Ordinary Fool, Charleston , IL 2008. Single sheet folded quarto style with 9 color photographs on it, 5 of the envelope in which it came set into “natural” settings, 4 of tiny words typed & cut into minuscule slips that are sprinkled into the “book” – I didn’t notice the latter until I stood up and they snowed from my lap onto the floor. I’m guessing on the second word of the title.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Searchlight Needles, For Arbors, New York, Missoula & San Francisco 2008, CD, Jasmine Dreame Wagner’s very good alt folk/anti-folk band

Whit Griffin, Wanhope, Longhouse, Green River, Vermont 2008. Two page book, pages being 4.25” by 11” that unfold from a purple 4.5” by 3” cover, with title text on a paper ribbon that binds almost too tightly together.

Anne Waldman, Akilah Oliver, Ambrose Bye, Matching Half, Farfalla Press / MacMillan and Parrish, Brooklyn, 2008, CD.