Monday, January 02, 2012

Homage to Charles Bernstein

William Allegrezza:
Introduction to The Salt Companion
to Charles Bernstein

Occupy Poetics:
You can’t evict an idea

GOP poetry

Fred Wah
is Canada’s
Parliamentary Poet Laureate

“Multicultural obsession”
drives Fred Wah

Talking with Tyrone Williams

Sometimes the choice
is real easy:
Sonia Sanchez
finally named
Philadelphia’s Poet Laureate

Two from the typosphere

Emmett Bennett, Jr has died

Bob Hare has died

CAConrad gives the
2011 Sexiest Poem Award to
Samantha Giles & Thom Donovan

Talking with Carolyn Cassady

How the “father of the beats” (?)
was forgotten

LeftWrite: 30 years after the fact

Occupy language

An award for Amiri Baraka

Poets drop out of the Eliot Prize
over politics

Alice Oswald:
Why I pulled out

David Lister:
Biting the hand that feeds out
isn’t clever

Poets are crazy
to bash the bankers

A protest
without rhyme or reason

Poets against progress

How much $$ do poets make?

Poetry vs. livelihoods

The genre of dismissive replies

Poetry knockdown:
Vendler vs. Dove

The Guardian
on Dove vs. Vendler

Vendler vs. Rothenberg in 1973:
she fought against a broad view even then

Bloodletting over an anthology

Dove vs. Vendler:
what are the assumptions?

A Poetry Out Loud reading
was not racist

Fraser & Oppen on the same day!

Lyn Hejinian’s
The Book of a Thousand Eyes

Rae Armantrout’s
Money Shot

Rae Armantrout, reading

Philip Levine on Ruth Stone

Getting to know Philip Levine

Rusty Morrison:

Morrison: Commonplace
Morrison: Commonplace
(not a typo)

Geoffrey Hill
leads New Year’s arts awards in UK

Frank O’Hara’s
To the Harbormaster

Barbara Henning & Martine Bellen

Talking with Renee Gladman

Patti Smith’s Woolgathering

Louis Cabri on centered lines

Michael Gottlieb:
The Likes of Us

The sciart origins
of Bern Porter’s
found poems

found poems

Bobby Byrd
Bill Corbett’s
The Whalen Poem

Stein vs. Williams: why choose?

The essays & poems of Liu Xiaobo

The Periodic Table
as Assembled by
Dr. Zhivago, Occulist

Langston Hughes, Joseph Stalin,
Jesus & Mayakovsky

walk into a bar…

Christine Deavel’s Woodnote

NY Times obit for Václav Havel

Havel wielded
the power of poetry

Tracking Havel

Havel the writer

Havel’s life in pictures

A moment with Havel

LA Times obit for Havel

Farewell to Havel

Leaders bid goodbye

Living in truth

The dissident
who came out of the shadows

Havel’s legacy

Why don’t British theaters
put on more of Havel’s plays?

Our moral footprint

Hone Tuware Trust fails

Ashbery’s Rimbaud

WS Merwin:

Tranströmer in China

Talking with Dawn Lundy Martin

The Exegesis of Philip K Dick

A story from the young Bolaño

Bolaño plays with history

Elizabeth Robinson:
Dialogue, Doubt & Presence

Auggie Kleinzahler
on Christopher Logue

Bay Area

Poets & the avant garde

Did poetry keep
one of Kim’s sons

out of power in N. Korea?

Thomas Jefferson & Jonathan Safron Foer:
Experimental fiction isn’t necessarily new

Do the classics have a future?

PennSound Radio

The Poetry Center Archives
are coming online

What still works
in Olson’s
Projective Verse

Philip Rowland’s

Talking with Fanny Howe

Mike Sonksen
on Wanda Coleman
& Bill Mohr’s history of LA poetry

Lit-scene review:
Holloway Series
at UC Berkeley
(with focus on Judith Goldman)

Marilyn Hacker
interviewed by Fady Joudah

Corina Copp
introduced by Dorothea Lasky

Remembering Wilfred Sheed

Delirious Hem
has posted 16 short readings
in the past month:
Anne Boyer, Shanna Compton,
Lina ramona Vitkauskas, Deborah Poe,
Carol Watts & Will Montgomery, Megan Kaminski,
Camilo Roldán, Rob Ray, Elisa Gabbert,
Elizabeth Treadwell, Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese,
Kate Greenstreet, Laynie Browne,
Susana Gardner, Kristine Snodgrass
& Daniela Olszewska

Sueyeun Juliette Lee on
Cara Benson’s (made)

Robert Bly celebrates Tranströmer’s Nobel

Maya Angelou’s N-word mashup

What is Chinese?

Talking with NF Huth

Charles Olson’s Melville project

The 7 books in
Steve Fama’s

top four books of 2011

Noah Eli Gordon’s
best books of 2011

K Silem Mohammad’s
20 recommended books from 2011

Joseph Massey’s
“best books” list for 2011

Debora Poe’s list

Brandon Shimoda’s list

Alice Fogel’s list

Nathan Logan’s list

Anne Gorrick’s list

Evie Shockley’s list

Bernadette Geyer’s list

Leigh Stein’s list

Bruce Covey’s list

Michael Meyerhofer’s list

Poetry is a category
in the St Louis Post Dispatch
roundup of “favorite books”

Dean Rader’s list
in the SF Chronicle

Poetry Foundation’s
most read articles of 2011

Poetry Foundation’s staff faves
for 2011

Dan Chiasson’s list
in the New Yorker blog

The top 5,000 best-selling books
in the UK, in order

SPD’s 2011 best-sellers

Daniel Silliman’s list of lists

Robert Kelly: Bliss

What does not change
is the will to change

Ben Ehrenreich on
Julio Cortázar

has its best day

for shipments ever,
December 21

The poetry of Juan Garcia Madero

Talking with Emma Trelles

Leslie Scalapino’s
How Phenomena Appear to Unfold

Chris Vitiello’s Irresponsibility

Dante in Love by AN Wilson

Tom Marshall on Bernadette Mayer

Words worth

50 best blogs
for word lovers

Harmony Holiday: Industry

3 poems by Daniel Bouchard

3 haiku,
one by Roberta Beary

G Emil Reutter’s
Blue Collar Poet

Galatea Resurrects 17
has 108 new reviews
(to date, GR has reviewed 1,029 books)

The crisis in lit crit

e/print hybrids

In the EU, © on Joyce
ended January 1

Reading books
in the digital age

Michael Chabon
challenges publishers
on digital royalties

account for 20%
of the publishing market

Are you a channel
or are you a library?

Publishing your own e-book
with distribution
through Amazon or B&N

Publishers vs. libraries:
the e-book tug-of-war

The future of books

Porn in the library?

Poor Stanley Fish
thinks you go to the MLA
to find out where
literature is headed

What becomes of publishing
if the government
controls all the paper

Aussie bookshops cash in
on Xmas rush

Before anon was a hacker,
she wrote works like this

The archives of
Evening Will Come

The history of personal dedications
penned in books

A history of word processing

Taking the concepts of a big book
& camp to their logical conclusion

Stephen King’s 1960’s

Boyer Rickel:
A Poetics in Three Shaggy Dogs

Stephanie Anderson:
Page 72

The latest readings @ Jupiter 88
include Russell Jaffe, Andrew Durbin,
Ben Fama, Macgregor Card

A New Zealand Journal
of Experimental Writing
with a global perspective
(check out the interview with
& work by Marco Giovenale)

big name hosting org
goes belly up

Noelle Kocot’s Talk

Hello Poppy Covered Road:
Luis Felipe Fabre
reading & talking
(in Spanish with English subtitles)

Poetry award for Shivananda Shenoy

Vidarbha Bhushan award
goes to Grace

Don Mee Choi
wins a Whiting

Jo Shapcott
wins a Queen’s Gold Medal

Roger McGough
takes over as
Poetry Society president

Michael Symmons Roberts
reads Pelt

Shane McCrae: Ghost Limbs

On Enrique Krauze

Xmas in my home town

Kennewick poet
Jordan Chaney

Ted Hughes’ jaguar
is up for sale

3 scenes
in a Christmas eve bookstore

What literature owes
to the

Mike Tyson
finds inspiration
by reading
“the great epic poet, Iliad”

It’s ba-ack:
Dodge Festival to return
to Newark, Autumn 2012

China Miéville:
MR James & the Quantum Vampire

Susan Briante:
October 16
The Dow Closes Up 11143

Vonnegut in Iowa City

Snow it goes

Harry E Northup:
The Study

The Silver Spoon
(about which, see the Times Times 3 blog)

Italian sci-fi writer
with connections to far-right group
called Casa Pound
(an homage to Ez)
kills two Senegalese
in Florence murder-suicide

Pound’s daughter
takes on Casa Pound

The poetry of Alexandra de Borchgrave

Noelle Kocot: Why Write

The career of Thomas Warton

Modern translations of Rumi
are trash

Celebrating the anniversary
(# 738)
of Rumi’s death

William Fuller’s Hallucination

James M Cain’s Paradise

Cain’s retro-futurist LA

Literary dolls

Me, I’m looking for
the Kerouac bobblehead

Another Al-Jundi is writing poetry

Talking with Kirsten Wasson

Kissing Oscar

Jim Morrison, poet?

The Jane Austen brand

New housing
threatens the Brontë trade

Brontë’s lost manuscript
is off to Paris

Heaney papers
to the Irish National Library

Candice James
becomes a director of
The Federation of BC Writers

How Deborah Fries
became a writer

Binding @ Booklab II:
the music video

Talking with Kris Bigalk

Lori Caskey Sigety’s Summer Leaf

Grammar matters

Shaving Santa

A play about George Moscone

The fake Ibsen

The joy of tagging

Jim Dine:
Fresh & a Warning

Occupy the performing arts

Merce Cunningham’s last designer

Après Merce

The inverse of ekphrasis

Talking with White Fungus’ Ron Hanson

NY times obit of John Chamberlain

Karri Kokko’s on/off

Sanja Ivekovic
@ the Museum of Modern Art

The artist with 100 faces

Ai Weiwei’s photographs

Art vs. science
in Pasadena

Marvel owns the rights to Ghost Rider,
not the artist who may have
created it

Stieglitz & O’Keeffe

To Lucy Lippard
from Nancy Spero,

Richard Prince
& the art of appropriation

Helen Frankenthaler & John Chamberlain

LA Times obit of Frankenthaler

How important was
Helen Frankenthaler?

TJ Clark’s Da Vinci

A statue to mark
the responsibility of
sexual slavery

A dispute shuts down
arts center in Madrid

The Rock
is ready to roll in LA

Jazz photos
not entirely about
jazz or photography

Portraits of artists

James Rizzi has died

Was Leonardo overcleaned?

Richard Hamilton
at the National Portrait Gallery
in London

Bat Chain Puller
is released
45 years after being recorded

Sound Effects

Leithauser’s Sondheim

hiphop’s word of the year

Tranströmer’s The Blue House:
the music video

Woody Guthrie’s archives
head for Oklahoma

LA Times obit of Sam Rivers

Coltrane & Eliot’s fog

The poetics of PJ Harvey

Coocoo Kachoo

168 podcasts
with philosophers

Theology after Google

Conscious minds

Christopher Hitchens’
last work

Scott McLeemee
on the contradictions
of Christopher Hitchens

The Hitchens outpouring
& journalistic self-hatred

What would John Rawls
think of Occupy?

Why Emma Goldman

Talking with Lawrence Lessig

The 10 greediest Americans

The Volta
brings lots of work together

it’s breathtaking