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January 2012

January 5 in Brooklyn
Leigh & Sadie Stein

January 5 in Philadelphia
Aaron Birk

January 5 – 8 in Key West, FL
30th annual Key West Literary Seminar
with Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
John Banville, Douglas Coupland,
Michael Cunningham, William Gibson,
Jennifer Egan, Joyce Carol Oates,
Janna Levin, Gary Shteyngart,
Dexter Palmer, George Saunders
& more

January 6 in Philadelphia
David Behrman

January 6 & 7 in Chicago
The Day Carl Sandburg Died

January 6-8 in New Bedford, MA
Moby-Dick Marathon

January 7 in NYC
Noah Eli Gordon & Marianne Morris

January 7 in Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Danielle Adair, Sissy Boyd, Amina Cain, and Allison Carter

January 8 in LA
Dangerous Ideas:
Political-Conceptual Art in LA

January 11 in Brooklyn
An evening with Solid Objects

January 11 in Anchorage
Peggy Shumaker & Robin Child

January 12 in Amsterdam
Steve Reich

January 14 in NYC
David Lau & Lauren Spohrer

January 14 in London
A conference on Peter Riley

January 14 in Venice, CA
Poetry in Motion: McPoetry Less is Better

January 14 April 22 in Philadelphia
Zoe Strauss: Ten Years

January 15 in Milwaukee
Bruce Dethlefsen & Mark Kraushaar

January 16 in London
Steve Reich

January 17 in Philadelphia
Diana Hamilton, Tarannum Laila, Kareem Estefan

January 17 in Los Angeles
Bang on a Can All Stars / red fish blue fish
perform Steve Reich

January 18 in London
Peter Jaeger:
John Cage’s Zen Poetics

January 18 in Paris
Kronos Quartet
perform Steve Reich’s WTC 9/11

January 20 in Ottawa
Cat Kidd & Kaie Kellough

January 20 in Venice, CA
Will Alexander

January 21 in NYC
Karen Mac Cormack & Steve McCaffery

January 21 in Philadelphia
David Behrman & ensemble

January 21 in Peterborough, NH
Christopher DeWeese & Heather Christle

January 21 in Venice, CA
Harry E Northup & Lewis McAdams

January 25 in Metz, France
FASE = Four
Movements to the music
of Steve Reich

January 25 in Philadelphia
Melissa Gira Grant & Meaghan O’Connell

January 26 in NYC
Tony Towle & Jennifer Moxley

January 26 in Venice, CA
Ellen Maybe’s Poetry Rodeo

January 26 & 27 in Chicago
Ben Lerner

January 27 in Manchester, UK
Psappha Contemporary Music Ensemble
perform Steve Reich

January 27 in Venice, CA
Art Jarvinen,
Kathy Pisaro & the Formalist Quartet

January 26 29 in Cartagena, Columbia
Hay Festival Columbia

January 28 in Milwaukee
18th Annual
Woodland Pattern Marathon Benefit

with Paul McComas, Lucille Rosenberg, Ethel Oliensis,
Mark Hunkel, Sally Tolan, Vijay Kulkarni,
Eloisa Gomez, Greg Flegel, Anne Reis,
Kathleen Klein, Ronnie Hess, C.X. Dillhunt,
Guy Yasko, James Roberts, Amy Prasad,
John Sierpinski, Cele Bona, Karen Haley,
Barb Tabak, Molly Snyder, Kim Suhr,
Robert Vaughan, Judith Zukerman, Sharon Foley,
Mary Steinert-Ng, Marjorie Pagel, Laurel Landis,
Eric Hansen, Aline Mohr, Emily Berthoff,
Joel Ottenstein, Janet Leahy, Katy Phillips,
Marsha Roberts, Nancy Rafal, Michael Farmer,
Cary Fellman, Earl Jude, Charlesetta Thompson,
Martha Kaplan, Kathleen Dale, Koshin/Bob Hanson,
Patty Paul, Ed Werstein, Tom Erickson,
Phyllis Wax, Helen Padway, Mark Zimmerman,
Kim Parsons, Marilyn Taylor, Raquel Lauritzen,
Suzanne Rosenblatt, Betty Priebe, Phyllis Berentsen,
Frank Berentsen, Janine Arseneau, Bill Seidler,
Lenore Lee, Maria Scott, Dale Ritterbusch,
Susanna Carlson, Eddee Daniel, Charles Rossiter,
Jeff Poniewaz, Antler, Bonnie Blackwell,
Lynn Fitzgerald, Lynn West, Vito Carli,
David Schaefer, Chris Austin, Steve Anderson,
Paul Enea, Elliot Lipchik, Steve Pump,
Barbara Wuest, Joan Miller, Sally Kuzma,
Susan Firer, Jim Hazard, JoAnn Chang,
Peter Goldberg, Reed Conway, Joshua David Lickteig,
Kimberly Blanchette, Sheryl Slocum, Steve Platt,
Nick Ramsey, Frank Berg, Richard Rose,
Jennifer Kraft, Anthony Brandl, Dirk Velvet,
Earl Karp, Steven Karp, Harvey Taylor,
Chuck Stebelton, Cathy Cunningham, Timur Gritsevskiy,
Mike Hauser, Robert J. Baumann, Karl Gartung,
Chuck Stebelton, Carl Bogner, Sara Caron,
Paul Drueke, Joe Riepenhoff, Marissa Wall,
Paul Vogel, David J. White, & many more

January 28 in NYC
Chris Kraus & Aaron Winslow

January 28 in Venice
Jeff Gauthier & friends

January 29 in Philadelphia
Mike Cohen & Anthony Buccino

January 29 in Venice, CA
Gerald Locklin, Michael C Ford, Ron Koertge,
Eloise Klein Healy, Dorothy Barressi & Gary Phillips

January 30 in NYC
Susan Stewart, Mark Strand

January 30 February 4 in Elko, NV
28th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

January 31 in Philadelphia
Murat Nemet-Nejat



February 2 in Berkeley
giovanni singleton

February 3 in Lisbon, Portugal
FASE = Four
Movements to the music
of Steve Reich

February 3 in Venice, CA
Georgia Jones-Davis

February 4 in DC
Master Class in Gertrude Stein

February 4 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Steve Reich

February 4 in Venice, CA
2nd Annual Poetry of Venice
Photography Event

February 4 in Venice, CA
Robert Mezey, Ron Koertge, David St. John
& Peter Everwine

February 4 – 12 in Florence, Italy
TS Eliot & the Heritage of
Rome & Italy in Modernism

February 5 in Leipzig, Germany
Palma Marques/Dobler/Schaar/Zweiner Quaret
perform Reich’s Different Trains

February 5 in Venice, CA
Florence Weinberger

February 6 in NYC
Ivan Klima

February 6 in Philadelphia
Adam Wilson

February 7 in Philadelphia
Wayne Miller

February 7 & 8 in Chicago
Joe Sacco

February 8 in Princeton
James Richardson & Jonathan Franzen

February 8 & 9 in Indianapolis, IN
Anne Waldman

February 9 in Seattle
Albert Goldbarth

February 9 in Walla Walla, WA
Camille Dungy

February 10 in Berkeley
Tom Commita

February 13 & 14 in Philadelphia
Karen Finley

February 16 in Darmstadt, Germany
Mitglieder des Staatsorchesters Darmstadt
performs Steve Reich

February 16 in Ottawa

February 17 in Newtown, PA
James Richardson & Ethel Rackin

February 18 in Oxnard, CA
Florence Weinberger & Polly Bee

February 19 in Zurich, Switzerland
Steve Reich’s Drumming
& The Four Sections

February 24 May 13 in NYC
John Chamberlain

February 26 in Philadelphia
Nathalie Anderson & Teresa Leo

February 29 March 3 in Chicago

February 29 in Chicago
Mtulu Blasing



March 1 in Berkeley
Louise Glück

March 2 in NYC
Modernist Manhattan

March 5 in NYC
Federico García Lorca

March 15, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Camille Dungy

March 15 in Seattle
Louise Glück

March 17 in Oxnard, CA
Elijah Imlay & Aaron Saroyan

March 19 & 20 in Philadelphia
Ron Silliman

March 22 at Bryn Mawr
Tom Sleigh

March 22 in Philadelphia
Christian Campbell

March 22-25 in Washington, DC
Split This Rock
Poetry Festival

March 23-25 in York, UK
James Joyce’s nonfiction

March 25 in Philadelphia
Marie-Elizabeth Mali & Dilruba Ahmed

March 26 in NYC
Brian Turner, Kevin Young

March 28 in Princeton
James Tate & Jane Smiley

March 29 April 1 in NYC
National Black Writers Conference

March 30 in Newton, PA
April Linder



April 4 in Seattle
Troy Jollimore & John Koethe

April 4 in Philadelphia
Edith Grossman & Rosalie Knecht

April 5 @ Yale
Susan Howe

April 5 in Berkeley
Richard Berengarten

April 6 in Walnut Creek
Camille Dungy

April 8 in San Francisco
Ron Silliman

April 12 @ Yale
Ilya Kaminsky

April 14 in Oxnard, CA
Harry Northup & Holly Prado

April 16 & 17 in Chicago
Sharon Cameron

April 19 at Bryn Mawr
Kimiko Hahn

April 23 & 24 in Philadelphia
John Barth

April 26 in NYC
Heather McHugh & Lucia Perillo

April 26 & 27 in Chicago
Brenda Hillman

April 27 in Newtown, PA
Mark Doty & Paul Lisicky

April 29 in Philadelphia
Louis McKee & Steve Delia



May in Beirut, Lebanon
Hay Festival Beirut

May 3 & 4 in Chicago
Fred Moten

May 5 in Philadelphia
Robert Ashley & ensemble

May 14 in NYC
Kay Ryan

May 15 in Seattle
Michael & Matthew Dickman

May 19 in Oxnard, CA
Brendan Constantine & Nina Corwin

May 20 in Philadelphia
Jack Veasey, Marty Esworthy, Christine O’Leary Rockey



June 8 12 in Homer, AK
Kechemak Bay Writers Conference

June 16 in Oxnard, CA
Tim Tipton & Terry Van Vliet

June 17 – 30 in Montreal
Summer Literary Seminar

June 24 in Philadelphia
JC Todd & Hayden Saunier

June 30 – July 1 in Oxford, UK
Poetry & Psychoanalysis


July & Beyond

September 7-9 in Kent, UK
European Network
for Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies

September 23 in Philadelphia
Ditta Baron Hoeber & Kirsten Kaschock

September 29 everywhere
100K poets for change

October 28 in Philadelphia
David Kozinski & Michele Belluomini

October or November in the Maldives
Hay Festival Maldives



Now – January 8 in London
Gerhard Richter

Now – January 14 @ Black Mountain College
John Cage: A Circle of Influences

Now – January 22 in Austin, TX
The Greenwich Village Bookshop Door

Now – February 5 in Paris
Diane Arbus

Now – February 18 in Buffalo
Language to Cover a Wall:
Visual Poetry Through Its Changing Media

Now – April 29 in Rome


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The Bowery Poetry Club
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