Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Life of Alden Van Buskirk

Jordon Davis on Spring and All

The Bowery Poetry Club to close

The influence of Buddhism on the American Avant-Garde

Is Leonard Cohen’s poetry a form of sexual harassment?

Poetry, immigration & the FBI

Here come the Poetry Police

Laura Hinton’s report on the 80’s conference in Orono

Judith Goldman on non-retinal literature

The love letters of Emily Dickinson

Jennifer Chang: How to read a prophecy

Tony Trehy: Curating the Text Festival

Translating Russian poetry

Jeffrey Side’s “ Response to Seth Abramson”

Bob Grumman on Seth Abramson

Seth goes positive
part one) (part two)

New vispo from Andrea Baker

More ways for the Poetry Foundation to spend $$

Penguin buys self-publishing platform

Hank Lazer’s N18 (Complete)

A celebration of Lew Welch

All the Poems of Muriel Spark

Fitzgerald’s advice

Continuing Joseph Donahue’s Terra Lucida

Jonathan Morse: Bernstein’s Stein & Mine

Charles Bernstein: The 3 Steins

Convolution: talking with Charles Bernstein

Reginald Harris on Will Alexander

Thoughts while reading Ted Berrigan interviews

Margaret Atwood on the Wattpad app

& launching Fanodo

Carrie Etter on Allen Fisher & Peter Riley

Sieburth’s Nostradamus

Does $$ make us write better?

Boston through the text of Infinite Jest

Gerald Bruns on Stanley Cavell & Literary Studies

British poetry postcards that will make you cringe

Mark Weiss: 19 poems for Bill Bronk + 1

Nabokov’s son

Nabokov’s poems & Pale Fire

Beat poet runs for mayor of Berkeley

An anthology of the un-anthologizable

Talking with AD Winans

The Underground NY Public Library

The Trash Museum

Sartre & Camus in New York

Craigslist poetry in the NY Times

The drama of existentialism

Luke Davies wins Prime Minister’s award

4 new stories from Katherine Mansfield

Michael Chabon: What to make of Finnegans Wake

NY Times on the fight over closing U of MO Press

U of MO authors are taking flight

The Missourian: the new model won’t work

Rare book school in C’ville

Iowa City – City of Lit: the app

How former Borders employees are faring

Interning at a trade publisher

The War on Books

The Poets House showcase

How to make book earrings

Occupy Eliot Katz

Talking with Barrett Warner

A biography of John Cage

Louis & Allen Ginsberg discuss Hart Crane

Carol Ann Duffy wins the PEN / Pinter

Jeffrey Beam on JP Seaton’s Cold Mountain Poems

Thermopoetics: poetry influencing science?

Performing Lal Ded

Filipino poet joins the London Olympiad

Harry E Northup’s all-time poets baseball team

Neil Gaiman goes young

The art of Google Books

The sketch book of Sylvia Plath

Spencer Selby’s last list?

Auden’s reserved books list for a class on Shakespeare’s sonnets

Eli Mandel opens DH Lawrence’s Pomegranate

When your characters are family

Zombie nouns

Talking with Dave Eggers

White Sky ebooks

Stanley Fish: Scalia is his own refutation

The Rolling Stones @ 50

Pussy Riot jailed for 6 more months

Ilhan Mimaroglu has died

Death spiral @ LA MoCA?

Recalling O’Keeffe

Lee Sherry has died

Denyse Thomasos has died

Herbert Vogel has died

A bio of David Wojnarowicz

Guernica @ 75

Ferlinghetti the painter

Taxing an art work that can’t be sold

Lucas Foglia off the grid

On Cartier-Bresson

Remembering Evelyne Axell

Performance art that says Bite Me

Google Street View & photography

Arresting Alexander Schaefer

Ai Weiwei’s tax appeal rejected

Liu Xiaobo vs. Ai Weiwei

Babar vs. Dumbo

11 authors who hated the movie versions of their books

Antonioni vs. Bergman, 5 years later

Brecht in Brooklyn

Martha Graham in Love and War

Robert Venturi has retired

Rebecca Solnit: Mexico, I apologize!

A world without intellectuals

The return of Karl Marx

Remembering Alex Cockburn
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His last column for The Nation
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Oyster Boy Review is back!