Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Evie Shockley
on race & the poetry canon
Britain looks at its own
gender-balance issues in publishing
Afghani couplet form
Fady Joudah:
support for
Ghassan Zaqtan
Organizing for Zaqtan works!
Sargon Boulus’ Knife Sharpener
a magazine of modern Arab literature
Art & pop culture from the Middle East
We are all capulchu
Did CIA op Michael Townley
Pablo Neruda?
Nada Gordon @ Writers House
2 poems for Anselm Hollo
Talking with Don Share
re the future of Poetry
Talking with Tyler Meier
re the future of Arizona’s Poetry Center
Daisy Fried’s Women’s Poetry
2 from Anna Strong’s Apostrophes

Talking with Sherwin Bitsui
Tao Lin’s Taipei
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Graham Foust
Every library & museum in America
Carol Ann Duffy:
Why you don’t want to be queen
or the poet laureate
Natasha Trethewey appointed to a 2nd term
John Ashbery’s The Skaters
Elaine Showalter on captivity narratives
Adichie’s Americanah
Kent Johnson:
I is another
About those dialect maps
Some iambics from bpNichol
Did language begin as gesture?
Discouragement for young writers
The Acker awards
go retro,
lots of Beat nostalgia
The Women’s Prize for fiction
goes to
AM Homes
Kevin Barry wins
the Impac Literary Award
The day Steve Abbott
made the New Yorker’s blob
Chicago’s Lit 50
7 poems by Jess Mynes
KALQ is the new QWERTY
Amazon’s London HQ
makes bold claim
for its role
as the center of all publishing
Roll-playing Ulysses
In Dublin,
18 writers bring Leopold Bloom into the present
Bloom in Central Park, NYC
French culture minister:
is a destroyer of bookshops
3 poems by Simone White
Kipling plagiarized
parts of The Jungle Book
William Demby has died
As has Jack Vance
& Israeli novelist Yoram Kaniuk
5 poems from Alex Dimitrov
Redefining the dictionary
Remembering the shock of
Webster’s Third New International
Tom Beckett:
from Appearances: A Novel in 365 Parts
Ron Slate
on a pair of memoirs
Machine translation
sans translation
Who is to blame
for the
English Department?
An interactive Yeats exhibit
Talking with Samuel R Delany
A taste of Neil Gaiman’s
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
A long appreciation of Frank Bidart
(subscribers only)
Does great literature make you better?
The Penguin testifies @ Apple trial
It’s Apple
Amazon & Google
rough-cut edges
halt publication of
Scientology exposé
A tale of 2 plagiarists
Are sexy texts
scandalizing UK teen morals?
A brief guide to Bookstagram
10 important stats for authors
Richard Serra’s Shift
gets protected status
in Canada
Ai Weiwei’s Disposition
at the Venice Biennale
Interpictorial dialog
in the work of
Rauschenberg & Johns
Barry Schwabsky on Mary Cassatt
When it comes to selling
your artistic heritage,
Detroit was not the first
London hopes
to splash
billboards of classic artworks
all about town
What to do with the archive
D James Dee?
Tino Sehgal
wins the Golden Lion @ Venice Biennale
for beatbox performance
Joshua Clover on surveillance pop
Otto Muehl has died
I sing of Ossining in sculpture
Belarus Free Theatre
performs in exile
Streaming David Tennant’s
Richard II into UK schools
A good review of Upstream Color
Unloved by critics,
Gatsby scores with audiences
4 Fitzgerald scholars debate Gatsby
The myth of Gatsby’s
middle class
How great is Gatsby?
Jean Bach has died
Jazz in a concert hall?
The poems for Pussy Riot project
Ken Tucker on Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
10 greatest Bollywood songs
How the Ballets Russes
modernized dance
France gears up
a culture war with the US of A
The courts, the right to privacy
& the ability to subpoena
oral histories
After 50 years,
Michael Walzer
retires from Dissent
Collaboration in the academy
Why must French students
Speculative realism, academic blogging
& the
future of philosophy
Philosophers need not shun
$$ from the Templeton Foundation
Rebecca Solnit, unique flaneuse
Higher Ed: the coming shakeout
Ronald Reagan’s war on Berkeley
What do NSA contractors read
besides your email?