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Podcast instructions

A podcast is a service to which you can subscribe that will "send" you media files (audio or video), at regular intervals, in episodic form. This is a way for you to hear a selection of PennSound recordings without even having to visit the web site.

If you subscribe, PennSound podcasts will be automatically downloaded to your computer as we release them. We usually release a new recording every month.

To subscribe to our podcast, all you need to do is

  1. download and install the newest version of iTunes, and then
  2. click this link.

Alternatively, you can

  1. open iTunes,
  2. select "Subscribe to Podcast" from the "Advanced" menu,
  3. enter into the text field, and
  4. click OK.

You will see the PennSound podcast being added to your podcast list in iTunes, and the first episode will start downloading automatically. From then on, after we add an episode, the next episode will download as soon as you open iTunes.

We recommend using iTunes for listening to our podcast. However, if you use another program, you can still connect. The URL of the podcast is:

Please write to if you experience any problems.

An archive of our podcasts can be found here.