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Readings from the libretto by Charles Benstein

Music by Brian Ferneyhough, Libretto by Charles Bernstein
Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, October 13, 2000, from the seies "9 Contermporary Poets Read Themselves Through Modernism"
Scene One (cuts 2 and 3), Scene Three (cuts 4, 5, 6), Scene V (cut 7), Scene V1 (cut 8), Scene VII (cut 9) as well as full reading in MP3

  1. Introduction MP3
  2. Rimes Rimes for Stefan (from Scene One): MP3
  3. Dialog between Holderlin and Benjamin (from Scene One): MP3
  4. Doctrine of Similartity (Scene Three): MP3 excerpts published by the Forward, with commentary by Roger Kamenetz)
  5. Dew-&-Die (from "The Doctrine of Similarity," Scene Three) MP3
  6. Anagramatica (from "The Doctrine of Similarity," Scene Three): MP3
  7. Pools of Darkness: 11 Interrogations (Scene Five): MP3
  8. Seven Tableaux Vivant (Scene Six) MP3
  9. Stelae for Lost Time (Scene Seven): MP3 (text published in Boston Review)
•"Death Is the Cool Night" from "Seven Tableaux Vivant": MP3
Entire KWH reading as one MP3 file: MP3
Full reading in RealAudio on the Kelly Writers House "9 Poets Reading through Modernism" page MP3

Other recordings from Shadowtime

  • "Steale for Failed Time", 2001 at Harvard University's Houghton Library: MP3
  • "Stelae for Failed Time", Chicago, 2004 (6:30) Chicago, 2004: MP3
  • "Laurel's Eyes" New York, 1999 (3:01) MP3

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. (C) 2004 Charles Bernstein. Used by permission.