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Charles Bernstein at the Kootenay School of Writing

New Poetics Colloquium, August 21-23, 1985

  • Reading Being a Statement & Other Poems on August 24th, 1985 (25:38): MP3
  • KSW New Poetics Colloquium: "Artifice of Absorption": The prototype for the final poem-in-verse on August 25th, 1985 (45:02): MP3
  • June 10, 1989 reading

    1. Introduction by Jeff Derksen (1:22): MP3
    2. First Set, Part A: Emotions of Normal People (from Dark City), Dear Fran and Don (23:51): MP3
    3. First Set, Part B: The Lives of the Toll-Takers (from Dark City) (19:31): MP3
    4. Second Set, Part A (20:54): MP3
      • The Kiwi Bird in the Kiwi Tree (from Rough Trades)
      • Targets of Opportunity (from Rough Trades)
      • Hard Copy (from Residual Rubbernecking)
      • Untitled (from Residual Rubbernecking)
      • Mall at Night (from Residual Rubbernecking)
      • Internal Loss Control (from The Absent Father in Dumbo)
      • External Market
      • Constraints (from The Absent Father in Dumbo)
      • Nina's Party at Judy's Gym (from Rough Trades)
      • For (from Shade)
    5. Second Set, Part B (16:33): MP3
      • Debris of Shock / Shock of Debris (from Dark City)
      • Time and the Line (from Rough Trades)
      • Sunsickness (from Dark City)

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