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"IBM Poetry: Exploring Restriction in Computer Poems"

a lecture by Chris Funkhouser at the Kelly Writers House, March 26, 2008

Complete Slide Show from the Lecture

Complete Recording (1:03:23): MP3

1. Introduction by Jessica Lowenthal (2:00): MP3

2. Introduction by Steve McLaughin (2:16): MP3

3. Opening Comments by Chris Funkhouser (3:03): MP3

4. Discussing Emmett Williams's "IBM" and own version of "IBM" (8:34): MP3
(you can read Williams's "IBM" here and Funkhouser's here)

5. Discussing Brion Gysin's "Permutation poem" (2:47): MP3
(you can read Gysin's "Permutation poem" here) 6. Discussing Pedro Barbosa's "Porto" (3:08): MP3
(you can read Pedro Barbosa's "Porto" here)

7. Discussing Theo Lutz's "Stochastic text" (6:04): MP3
(you can read Theo Lutz's "Stochastic text" here)

8. Discussing Margaret Masterman and Robin McKinnon Wood's "Computerized Japanese Haiku" (2:13): MP3
(you can read Margaret Masterman and Robin McKinnon Wood's "Computerized Japanese Haiku" here)

9. Discussing Carole Sperrin McCauley's "Six Portraits" (2:22): MP3
(you can read Carole Sperrin McCauley's "Six Portraits" here)

10. Discussing Erthos Albino de Souza's "Ninho de metralhadoras" (1:57): MP3
(you can read Albino de Souza's "Ninho de metralhadoras" here)

11. Discussing John Cage and Jackson Mac Low's poetry (1:28): MP3
(you can read John Cage's "I-VI" here and Jackson Mac Low's "42 Merzgedichte" here)

12. Concluding Remarks (10:53): MP3
(you can read other poems briefly mentioned here)

13. Question and Answer Session (13:48): MP3

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